Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gods & Goddesses

Not to sound conceited, it's just that - as an erotic model (and self-portrait photographer) - it's kind of in my job description to present myself as an icon of desire.

I don't even care that there's a penis clearly visible; this image just screams "goddess" to me. Maybe it's because I've always thought that long, wavy hair on a woman is just divine. Alternatively, you could interpret it to mean that I worship the Goddess to such an extent that I've embraced and internalized the feminine spirit (which is not far from the truth).

It's possible that my understanding of what constitutes masculine and feminine has been eroded by exposure to my own gender nonconformity, but I am endlessly fascinated by the effortless way that I blend male and female characteristics. It's ironic, because I've always thought that males and females looked better in their pure, distilled form, and that androgynes were unappealing chimeras.

But now I think it's a shame that people - the transgender and transsexual included - are pushed to conform to one of two models, when there is a whole spectrum of fabulousness to indulge in. And why should a person's gender - binary or not - remain rigid day in and day out? Why can't I be a man one day, and a woman the next? I get a kick out of the fact that I can switch between the two so fluidly.

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