Label - denotes posts containing (or containing discussions of)...

Media Types
photos - examples of my dSLR photography
selfies - old cell-phone self-portraits
iphone - new cell-phone photography
video - full motion video
comic - crude stick figure comics or eLouai dolls
anigif - animated gif images

sexuality - attitudes towards sex and human sexual behavior
gender - gender stereotypes, transgender experiences
nudism - the nudist lifestyle, ethos, and related issues
photography - the photographic process, being an artist
artporn - the intersection of art and pornography
beauty - aesthetics, and erotic attraction
pornography - pornography as a social issue, censorship
feminism - objectification, discrimination, and other feminist topics
youth - adolescence, sex education, and the taboos involved
exhibitionism - both exhibitionism and voyeurism
fashion - clothes, outfits, and clothing styles
paraphilia - minority sexual interests, fetishism, and sex crime
sexwork - prostitution and other sex-related labor fields
truth - philosophical issues not related to sex, gender, or aesthetics

Specialty Labels
review - films or other media depicting topics relevant to this blog
news -  reactions to news articles about topics relevant to this blog
Kinsey - the father of modern sexology, and his published research
San Francisco - San Francisco's policy on public nudity
#ootd - Outfit of the Day (#ootd) posts
trythisonforsize - fitting room selfies
motel - photos taken in hotel and motel rooms
WhyNudism - photos from my Why Nudism? series
inyoureyes - portraits of me taken by others (usually my SO)
insta - square format photography
cloning - clone photography

Explanation: Apologies to those expecting a philosophical discussion on the psychological impact (whether helpful or harmful) of people placing labels on themselves and others. This is, instead, a meta-post about my blog, and how it's organized.

I've embarked on the tedious journey of adding labels to the posts on my blog, for easier navigation. It occurs to me that, with the sheer volume of posts I've written over the past four years, it may help to give readers a better method to sift through the posts and find the ones that will be of most interest to them, beyond simply scrolling through the blog chronologically.

It seems that my posts generally fall into a number of broad, overarching topics - such as gender issues, human sexuality, nudism, and photography, with a number of subtopics worth separating and denoting. And if it happens that you have a particular interest in, say, nudism, but aren't especially concerned with gender issues, then having the posts labeled may certainly help you get to the content you're more likely to want to read.

Labeling is not a perfect method - as the determination for which labels to use, and which posts fall under which label, is arbitrary to an inevitable extent - but it is certainly an improvement over no labeling whatsoever. Although, sometimes it's hard to know what a good labeling standard for a blog will be, until after you've been at it for a while and know what kind of topics are going to come up again and again.

As such, I have well over 300 posts in need of labeling, so I make no guarantee that they will all be labeled in any kind of a reasonable time frame, and therefore the weighting used in the list of labels in the sidebar (which I'm going to rename "topics") may not be completely accurate until such time as I have the majority of my posts properly labeled.

Many of the labels I plan on using will be mostly self-explanatory - that's kind of the point - but I thought it might be a little helpful to describe what those labels entail, especially considering that some labels will be used to encompass a variety of related topics. There may be some overlap between different labels, as a number of these topics are related, but no two labels shall be completely interchangeable.

Although, I reserve the right to revoke that rule if, by some chance, I decide to change my own labeling standard partway through the labeling process, and don't want to go back and fix all the posts I've already labeled... I will update this list as necessary, whenever I come up with additional labels with which to describe my posts.

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