Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fitting Room Fashion Show

Fitting rooms don't often have enough room to set up a good shot (hence why I'm always tilting my camera on the diagonal just to get my whole body in the frame), but - conceptually - I really like the idea of the fitting room fashion show. I've been playing around with video a lot more now that I have a halfway decent video camera right on my phone, just a pocket's reach away at any given time. And I've been looking for some novel approaches to presenting my fitting room adventures (the combination of trying on new clothes, and getting undressed outside of the home, is rife with photographic potential), which can get samey after a while. So I hope this turns out well. There's not much room for choreographing and filming separate takes, when I'm already self-conscious about taking too long, and causing someone to get suspicious about what's going on in there...

Anyway, I liked all these dresses (and the scandalously low-cut shorts) so much that I bought all of them except for the first one (because as cute as it is, that cut won't stay up on my flat chest at all), and the wedding dress, which wouldn't even remotely fit across my shoulders.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Innocent or Prurient

I grow bored of trying to figure out (let alone argue in defense) whether it's prurient or perfectly innocent, but I take delight in any opportunity to strip completely naked outside of the house, especially in the midst of a public environment - even if I am doing so in a private booth, albeit with the hustle and the bustle of the marketplace all around me.

Fitting rooms and family restrooms are ideal for this, although I have to admit to occasionally eyeing those photo booths you see at the mall longingly, with their flimsy curtains and dangerous vulnerability (and photo evidence to take home with you!).

Most people get dressed before leaving the home, remain dressed all day, and only disrobe after returning home. To mix up that continuity by getting naked at any point during the day, outside of the home, is exciting, in a way. I guess whether that feeling is motivated by prurient or innocent intent is a moot point, after all - because as long it's done behind a door or a curtain, it's completely harmless either way.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


You may have noticed lately - what with the belated posting times, relatively uninspired photos, and lack of writing to accompany them - that I am struggling with this daily project. I was out of town all last week on short notice (that is, without enough time to prepare a week's worth of quality material), and that's just the tip of the iceberg. So, though I have some great photos from my travels I am looking forward to sharing, the truth is, my basic living conditions - that had previously facilitated this project so well - have changed, and I don't have the freedom I had planned on having to cater to my artistic whims. I can't even guarantee being able to celebrate all the holidays I wanted to celebrate (beginning with an absentee St. Patrick's Day, and continuing through a lackluster Easter).

Instead of struggling to stay afloat, I think it'd be better to take the pressure off and just focus on making the best pictures I can when I can actually manage to do it. This isn't the project I wanted to present to the world, but there are some things in life you just can't control. I have a hard time committing to defeat (especially because it's not my desire to give this project up, but the inaccessibility of the conditions I need to complete it), so I'll continue posting as long as I have something to post, even though I've already become very lenient on deadlines. But if service becomes intermittent at any point, or you encounter a hiatus, well, at least now you won't be surprised.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

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