Friday, March 22, 2019

Shame vs. Hormones

We are sexual organisms. Individuals will, of course, vary, but generally speaking, we are programmed to have lustful feelings towards the human body - and, depending on psychological conditioning, sometimes other things. That any social institution (be it religion or otherwise) should capitalize on making us feel ashamed of this fact is tragic, and I reject it.

It is not unreasonable for us to step back and consider the way we feel, and what these feelings compel us to do. Otherwise, the Hormone Monsters within us all would rage unchecked, and might tear civilization apart in a grandiose orgy. (Not that there's anything wrong with orgies, but without a measured conscience, there's no guarantee that consent will be respected).

But we mustn't let the Shame Wizard seep into our subconscious either, making us feel bad for the things that are supposed to make us feel good. As long as you are in control of yourself, and able to act rationally, there is no reason to feel bad for the thoughts you have that turn you on, and the fantasies you pursue towards sexual satisfaction.

Regarding the phenomenon of "post-orgasmal guilt", whether there is an element of psychochemistry involved (i.e., coming down off of a high), or the expression of a social need unfulfilled (i.e., the desire for intimacy in the absence of a partner), to whatever extent a sexually repressive culture exploits this weakness, I view succumbing to it as a character flaw.

In order to avoid sexual hypocrisy - which results in the abhorrent practice of indulging in sexual desires behind closed doors while condemning them openly in public - I've taken the advice of one of history's most notorious perverted sages (whatever his reputation may be, he was as much a philosopher as a scoundrel). The Marquis de Sade once wrote, "whether one is stiff, or whether one is not, one's philosophy, acting independently of the passions, should always remain the same."

In other words, do not allow yourself to be swayed by the heat of passion to engage in anything you'll have to apologize for later, and similarly, don't apologize for anything you permit yourself to do in the heat of passion - stand your ground. Only by doing this can you lead a fully authentic lifestyle, in and out of the metaphorical bedroom. This is how I've always approached being an internet model.

I was going to record a video of me masturbating, but I guess the thought of it got me too excited, and before I knew it I was past the point of no return! Ah well, it's not like you haven't seen it before. :-p

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Looking Up, Looking Down

Not to be crude, but this is an angle you don't see often.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Actually, I suppose it's more like "out-n-in", but that doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as "in-n-out". (Not to be confused with the west coast burger joint).

It begs the question of why I would do a shoot that involves standing in an open doorway on a cold day in March when there's snow on the ground (and not wait for a nicer day later in the spring), but these things happen spontaneously sometimes, and you gotta go where your inspiration takes you.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Further inspired by my experiments with "absolute bare minimum coverage", I wanted to see how minimally I could cover myself with a simple scarf.

Although it defeats the purpose of being covered, sometimes having just a little bit peeking out can drive you wild. It's not full exposure, but you're still definitely seeing something you're not supposed to be able to see.

The purple scarf worked perfectly for something I could wrap around my neck that would hang just long enough down the front of my body, but for wrapping around my torso, it was longer than it needed to be, so I got a shorter scarf.

I tied it off with a matching scarf to create a makeshift bikini brief. I've worn some pretty skimpy briefs, even ones that don't have adequate coverage, but this barely even counts as clothing!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rainbow Swirl

On the flip side of the door frame. Experimenting once again with absolute bare minimum coverage. This time with a rather eye-catching rainbow swirl dish.

The stimulation of repeatedly tucking my genitalia behind this rather modestly sized covering (it would have been easier if I'd had no pubic hair to conceal) resulted in it growing harder and harder (-_^) to fit everything behind it. So I ditched the rainbow swirl for this last shot and decided to illustrate instead what I said once before about hiding your erection along the length of your forearm. This is what's hiding behind my arm in the last shot on that page:

Anything more than a handful is a bonus. ;-p

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Door Frame

A few images I shot inspired by something I saw on the internet. These "on/off" comparison shots (dressed vs. naked) are fairly popular, and I can understand why. I find the comparison intriguing, and it fuels the imagination of anyone who's ever encountered an attractive stranger (or acquaintance) and fantasized about what they look like naked. Of course, where nudists are concerned, there is no imagination necessary. :-p