Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fake Magazine Cover

I'm sure you've seen these before. I saw an ad for an app that lets you create your own fake magazine cover, and it just completely sparked my inspiration. I tried a few of those create-a-magazine-cover programs you can find all over the web, but then ultimately realized that I would have more control if I just did mine in Photoshop. But I did borrow the UPC design from Big Huge Lab's magazine cover creator, so they deserve a mention. Anyway, I just threw this together for fun, and used a bunch of headlines that immediately came to mind - they're really just teasers for articles I might have written, and stuff I think would belong in my magazine if I had one. Wouldn't that be something? Tons of work, I bet. Fun to use your imagination, though.


  1. Fantastic! Super beautiful and cool cover, TOP photo, and I would love to read the articles!
    The Marquis, I don't know... Probably the second option. I read whole my father's erotic library between my 11 and 14, but his book was a bit too much for me at that age, or at any age maybe... I quit reading it when they started torturing children... Should give it another try, maybe, haha...
    See you!

  2. That one is an article I've been wanting to write for years, ever since I gave some of his writings a read. He has this reputation as being a total villain, having invented sadism and all that, but I was surprised to learn that he was a philosopher, too!

    It's true that he went to the ends of decency and beyond in his writings, but I see his attitude as espousing total sexual freedom, not necessarily in a "do whatever you want without repercussions" but more in a "being free to fantasize about anything without feeling ashamed" kind of way. I think he was a lot more evil in his imagination than he was in person.

    Anyway, I think the problem that most people have is that they read the Marquis de Sade expecting it to be erotic literature, and then given the horrible stuff that goes on in it, you start to think that you'd have to be totally depraved to actually enjoy it. But the reason it's so good is more from the philosophy than the erotic side of things. He was one of the few people I've ever known to be actually 100% honest about sexuality - his own, and in general. And observing that is in itself a totally liberating experience.

  3. And let's not forget it mostly a social critique, as my father used to say.
    My father who has some very particular tastes, by the way...

    I don't know who invented sadisme, but surely he was born much too late for that, I would say.
    I mean, by that time, even the Spanish Inquisition was very old news...

    I think it would be fantastic to read your point of view.

    1. You're right, de Sade was not the first sadist (by far). He's just the poster child.

  4. Beautifully done! Fantastic photo and composition. I love the sense of movement, and the upward projection of your lovely hard cock.

    Would love to see a shot of you like this one time with cum shooting out of your cock. Man, that would be incredible – but incredibly tough to do of course, especially by yourself, :(.

    Have you considered doing a magazine like this for real? I mean, seriously. Perhaps you could do a print-on-demand version and sell copies online. I think it would find an audience.

    I've looked at some of the material (books and magazines) available on in their erotic section. They have quite a few art/photo books that are similar to yours – though not nearly as well done, of course. Might be worth looking into if you haven't already.

  5. I'd love to do something like this, but it'd be a whole lot of work, and I'd have to know it would be worth it before I invested the time (and money). I know I suck as an advertiser, but it's not like I have a lot of blog followers to begin with.

    And I've tried publishing erotic photo books on Blurb before, but I never sold a single one, and they're very costly for me to produce (since they're not cheap, and you have to order at least one copy in the first month, to keep it in the store).

    An "ebook" version might be more doable, but again, I'd feel more confident doing something like that if I had more hits on my blog to start with. One of my primary weaknesses is my lack of social networking skills (which is due in large part to my personality, and my anxiety problems), and the fact that I don't work well in teams. Doing things on your own takes a lot of work. I make the best of it with my self-portrait photography, but I fear that it's an obstacle preventing me from getting more recognition.

    Switching gears, a lot of people over the years have wondered why I don't get more "action" shots, and it's never been primarily because I'm too prudish - I've done it once or twice in the past. But, just as you've said, they are very hard to get. You're capturing an especially ephemeral instant in time, and it's part of an activity that cannot easily be repeated in quick succession, in case you miss the shot. As if that weren't enough, the person involved in the activity is usually in a state of heightened distraction just as it happens, making it all the harder to get a shot of oneself in such an instance.

    That's the same reason I haven't taken more shots during sex (well, one of the reasons). I enjoy the challenge of capturing artistic and beautiful images of human sexual activity, and would love an opportunity to shoot some other models in the act, but doing it myself is pretty difficult to pull off.