Monday, October 21, 2019

Thought Police

Although opinions on this subject - obviously - vary, I have encountered attitudes that are very opposed to the "misuse" of photos shared on the internet. This may manifest in the form of slander and harassment, but the primary concern often cited is a sexual one. Let's say, for example, a young woman posts a photo of herself at the beach on her Instagram feed. It gets downloaded and passed on to a porn site. As a creator, I sympathize with the grief that may be caused by the public distorting the intended use of an image. But at the same time, there is a limit to how much we can control the public's interpretation of what we share. I am more concerned about the porn site's unauthorized use of the image (especially if it's making any money off of it), than the notion that any number of people might view the image and think sexual thoughts.

And my question is, to what extent is that something that we ought to be able to restrict? Should a person be allowed to think sexual thoughts about another person (or their image) without their knowledge or consent? I would, of course, say, absolutely! But is this a universal response? We cannot prevent others from fantasizing about us because it is simply impossible. So, if we must permit people their fantasies (for practical reasons alone), then perhaps there isn't much to be said about what personal purposes a person might put an image to, once it leaves the hands of its owner.

But what if we could police people's thoughts? Assume, for a moment, that we had the capability to do so. That, by some power or technology, we could prevent other people from even thinking sexy thoughts about us without our consent. My question is, should we? Is that a level of control society ought to have? Or is the freedom of our minds important enough to be worth permitting people to have thoughts that may disturb us (if only we knew - which, most of the time, we don't)? I think you should know my answer to this question, and I would go so far as to say that there really is only one permissible answer. But what I'm curious about, is how many people there are out there that would say differently, especially in this current climate of antagonism toward the concept of free speech. Imagine if you could prevent people from ever having racist or sexist or bigoted thoughts. Would it be worth it? Knowing that this capability could be put to far more nefarious uses? To lose the autonomy of our own minds?

In short, I ask you: if we had the capability to police people's thoughts, is that something we should do?

Friday, October 18, 2019

Sex-Positive Nudism

I posted a tweet on Twitter a few days ago, and it absolutely exploded. It's been a challenge just keeping up with the discussion it has generated. I've enjoyed it, to be sure, but it's kept me preoccupied for days. The tweet asked the simple question, can there be a sex-positive nudism? The response was largely positive, although certainly also represented was the sort of attitude my own tweet had been responding to: nudists who push too far in the direction of antagonizing sexuality in an effort to legitimize their lifestyle. It's always been hard for me, as I'm sure you can understand if you've followed my writing for any length of time, to limit my thoughts to the relatively short limitations of the Twitter format - even as they are double what they used to be (I also dislike how confusing it sometimes is trying to follow a thread of discussion on Twitter - it drives my organized mind nuts). I'm trying to learn to take advantage of the power of a pithy and distilled response (indeed, the original tweet in question was the distillation of a much longer stream of consciousness that I decided would be more effectively reduced to its central essence), but sometimes my mind just requires more space to make my point. So, since I can't post this there, I'm posting it here on my blog - a discussion of my concerns re: the issue at hand, specifically regarding nudism's place in the world, the troubled relationship between nudism and the swinger or hedonistic lifestyle, and the relative priorities of legitimizing nudism versus healing our society's sexual dysfunction.


If so-called "hedonists" are appropriating nudism as a strategy for legitimacy, that's a mirror image of nudists disavowing hedonists for the same reason. We have the upper hand in that exchange, because nudism really isn't hedonism, whereas hedonism isn't really nudism. But we should be reaching out to the hedonists to be their ally. As long as we are enemies, they will strike at us, coveting the potential for legitimacy that we have. If there is space for hedonism in the world, then they wouldn't need to drain our lifeforce, and then there could also be nudism in the world, without needing to exert so much effort into reassuring the public that we really aren't hedonists. I suspect that many nudists view nudism as more legitimate than hedonism, same as the rest of the population disavows the legitimacy of anything related to sex (especially "alternative" expressions thereof). But that's a flawed and inhumane perspective. It's simply not the case that hedonism must be ignored while nudism finds its footing, only for society to then turn to consider the legitimacy of hedonism. That'd be like saying racism must be eradicated before we can consider the issue of sexism.

We exist in a sex-negative world. Nudism can see itself fitting into that world so long as it can convince the world that it's not a sexual lifestyle. I support this strategy because it's a true portrayal of reality - nudism is not a sexual lifestyle. But I am not just a nudist, and I am certainly not a sex-negative nudist. As important to me as nudism (and nudism is very important to me) is the fact that I am sex-positive. I don't just want to live in a world where nudism is an option. I want to live in a world healed of its sexual dysfunction. And so I am cautious, in the effort to "legitimize" nudism by distancing itself from sex, not to disparage sex in the process. I absolutely do not object to the accurate portrayal of nudism as a non-sexual lifestyle. But I refuse to engage in any kind of sex-negativity in the process of "purifying" nudism, even if doing so stands to further legitimize nudism in a sex-negative society. Saying that nudism isn't sexual is accurate and truthful. But allying nudism with a sex-negative perspective is not, and that's where I draw the line.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

7 Struggles

I came upon yet another interesting item on Twitter, this time an article from elite daily titled "7 Struggles of Being a Nudist in a World Full of Clothes" (via Nude and Happy). And because, I guess, I like to contradict anyone who claims that their personal experience is in any way universal, I wanted to give my own personal comments on these supposed seven struggles that every nudist can relate to.

1. You make people uncomfortable.
Only insofar as I would choose to go naked among people who would be uncomfortable about it. I wish I didn't have to take others' concerns into mind when deciding how comfortable I get to be, but that's the world we live in. A bigger struggle of being a nudist in a world full of clothes is how much other people (read: textiles) make me uncomfortable - by forcing me to wear clothes against my will.

2. You're confused by exercise.
I'm confused by this being a struggle. Exercise doesn't confuse me. I love exercise! I do it regularly. Being a nudist doesn't mean I don't appreciate the benefits of good health, nor that I don't believe that being fit is beautiful. I know there's a stereotype that in nudism "all bodies are beautiful", but it's not to be taken literally (at least not in my opinion). Yes, it confuses me a little that textiles insist on working out in clothes, but the fact that they cover up the bodies they work so hard on? Well, they're just saving the results for their intimate partners, aren't they?

3. You don't own pajamas.
Actually, I do own pajamas. In fact, I like pajamas. They're cute. They're intimate, without necessarily being indecent. I don't wear them often, and never to sleep in. But sometimes you need something comfy to lounge in at home when you have guests staying that aren't nudists. I do like the occasional opportunity to go out to, say, breakfast (or a late night run to the store) in pajamas every now and then.

4. You're always hot.
This is another struggle that confuses me. I'm not always hot. Not even in my clothes. And being out of them means I'm more likely to be cold, especially living with someone who's not as dedicated to the lifestyle as I am, and so is usually clothed, and prefers the house to be on the cool side...

5. When you get drunk, the clothes come off.
Actually, I could totally see how this would be true. That is, if I drank alcohol - which I don't. At all. I have nothing against others who drink responsibly, but I just have no desire to do it myself. Anyway, I don't even have to be drunk. I'll take any excuse you'll give me to get naked. As long as it won't get me in too much trouble.

6. You never feel like you're being your true self.
I mean, kinda. I'm me whether I'm dressed or not. Of course, nudism is a large part of my life and my identity. But I identify as a nudist among my family and friends anyway, whether I can practice it or not. Yeah, not being able to practice it when I'd like to is a huge struggle, no doubt. But I'm still me. In fact, despite being a nudist, I have an interest in fashion, too. So I can totally be myself while dressed.

7. People think you're hypersexual.
I know there's this stereotype that everyone thinks all nudity is sexual. Well, I don't really have a problem with people thinking I'm hypersexual (I think?). In fact, people that have known me tend to peg me as being very reserved, sexually. Which is ironic, because I'm very sex-positive and sexually liberated - in theory if not so much practice. Unless you consider the fact that I'm an erotic model on the internet to be relevant (I mean, it kinda is). I don't think most people know about that, though. I'm sure it was a shock for my family and friends learning that I'm a nudist, but I'm pretty sure I introduced the concept in a way that they didn't jump to the conclusion that I'm, like, a swinger or anything.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Have You Ever? (Nudist Questionnaire)

I found this little nudist "survey" on Twitter, and thought it would be fun to answer (but, of course, my answers transcend the limits of Twitter's capabilities). It lists a bunch of things to do naked, and you get a point for each one you've done. It'd be fun to have one of those comprehensive "purity tests" for nudists, wouldn't it?

Have you ever...

...been naked outside your house? More times than I can count!

...gone skinny dipping? Certainly. Especially if you count pools at nudist resorts. The first time I can remember was in a lake on family vacation when I was still a child.

...been naked around family & friends? Yes, though not as much as I might prefer, for the sake of comfort and convenience. When I first started identifying as a nudist, I remember hanging out with my best buddy from college, who is pretty open-minded (though he remained dressed). That was kind of surreal. My dad has walked in on me a few times while I was naked when I was still living at home, and I've been skinny dipping in front of my mom. I also went nude around the apartment when I moved in with my girlfriend and her (grown) son, before he moved out. He was cool with it.

...convinced your family & friends to get naked with you? Again, not as much as I would like. I've offered an open invitation, but the only one who's taken me up so far is my brother, who has visited a nudist resort with me a couple of times. Sad to say he hasn't become a lifelong convert, however. Does it count that I introduced my girlfriend to the lifestyle?

...worked out naked? Five days a week! In fact, I hate wearing clothes while exercising.

...went to work naked? Does it count if I work from home? Or if my work involves modeling in the nude? Because I've done both. But in the traditional sense of this question, I would have to say no. Has anybody actually done this?

...been to a nudist resort? Duh. I've been countless times in the last ten years since I first went to one. I mostly frequent a particular one, but I've been to at least four in as many states.

...shared a shower with someone of the opposite sex? Yes. I mean, this is common at nudist resorts. But does it only count if you share a single showerhead? I'm thinking no, because the question specifically mentions the opposite sex, which would rule out a typical locker room situation. I've shared a showerhead with my girlfriend, of course. And showered alongside complete strangers of all ages and sexes at nudist resorts. Outdoors, even!

...slept naked? Every single night. I hate sleeping in clothes - even as little as underwear. The only time I'll do it is if I'm camping and it's just too cold. Been doing it since I was a teenager, too. I remember slipping off my shorts after getting under the covers while sharing a room in college. I tried sleeping nude when I was a kid, too, but I didn't stick with it due to embarrassment and a relative lack of privacy.

...been to a nude beach? Not technically... But I've been nude at a beach. Both lake, and ocean. And swam nude in both. I tell you, it's on my bucket list, though. I've been angling to visit a nude beach for years. But they can be hard to find, especially when you don't even live on the coast.

...walked around naked at a hotel? I'm going to assume this means outside of your room. Like, in the halls, the elevator, the lobby. I've been naked in the hot tub at a hotel pool - that's got to count for something, right? This may cross the line into exhibitionism (although it's not like I want to get caught), but walking around naked in a hotel is something I've wanted to do for a long time. But with cameras these days... God forbid, you should decide to go for a streak and end up on the sex offenders registry! But can you imagine riding an elevator naked? Not knowing if it will stop, and who will be standing on the other side of the door when it opens... Now that's a good idea for a dare if I ever heard one.

...answered the door naked? Again, with conditions. I feel like it should only count if you answered the door naked not knowing who was on the other side (or knowing it was a stranger, or somebody who doesn't know that you're a nudist). It's something the idea of which titillates me (for whatever exhibitionist reasons, I'm sure), but I've never had either the guts or the lack of concern for the expectations of others to try it. I have answered the door naked when I knew it was my girlfriend, though.

...been naked at school? I'd like to hear the story of anyone who's actually done this. I assume locker rooms don't count. Or is showering in school that unusual these days, that it would count?

...did a Snapchat/Facetime naked? (These are counted as two separate questions). Well, I don't use Snapchat or Facetime, but I would do it naked if I did. I've certainly shared naked photos of myself on the internet. And I've been naked in the vicinity (but not visible on camera) of other people using Facetime, if that counts...

My score? Depends on how strict we're being. Out of a total of 15 questions, I count 8 definitive yeses, and four more conditional or technical yeses (work, nude beach, hotel, answering the door). That leaves three hard nos, although two of those are Snapchat and Facetime, which are services I don't even use. The remaining one is school. What's your score?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

TG Pride Final Bikini

Just a few outtakes from a bikini review I posted for my fan club over at Patreon. And a reminder that you can join for as little as $1 a month and see all the exciting new material I've been shooting and filming over the last few months!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Porch Games

I'll never understand those who say that human sexuality can't be a beautiful thing, or that it isn't worthwhile to document. Is a portrait like this different in some fundamental way from a completely nonsexual nudist portrait of "simple nudity"? Sure! I won't deny that. But is this not also worth documenting? How would the world be a brighter place for not having images like these in it? And why must this sort of media be seen to exist only at the expense of some other virtue? The existence of porn doesn't make nudism any less legitimate, or any more sexual. And just because nudism is nonsexual, doesn't mean you have to be asexual to be a nudist, or that appreciating the nonsexual benefits of nudity precludes you from also enjoying its erotic potential. I know it's a muddy, politically-charged atmosphere we're wading through. But if anything, nudity is supposed to symbolize truth, honesty, and transparency. And I could never trust anyone who claims that sex - the guiding force of joy and creation in an otherwise miserable universe prone to destruction - is some kind of pernicious influence on life.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Exhibitionistic Disorder

It feels a bit disjointed to transplant a response from the middle of a conversation outside of the context that generated it, but sometimes I write things that I feel are important even beyond the limited scope of the discussion at hand. And this time, it's about the meaning of the word "exhibitionism". A user on Reddit asked whether it's possible to be a "genuine naturist" and also an exhibitionist. Obviously, since I consider myself to be both, I had to chime in. But the consensus of the discussion was unsurprisingly that nudism and exhibitionism are as incompatible as oil and water. The sticking point, however, was this idea (propagated in particular by a certain poster, who has expressed this position before) that the term "exhibitionism" should be strictly limited to its usage as a medical diagnosis. To which I replied:

You're implying that "exhibitionism" doesn't have any worthwhile use outside of the concept of a deviant pathology. But it does. You can't just eliminate the phenomenon of non-deviant exhibitionism just because it's "normal" and "common" for everyone to like being seen in a sexual context. That's not even true. Some people have sex with the lights out.

Anyway, how do you differentiate between someone who likes to be seen in the bedroom by their spouse, versus someone who gets excited having anonymous strangers making sexual comments on images of their body? The latter is absolutely not a universal experience. Neither is it criminal, though. Nor would I call it deviant, or pathological.

What are we supposed to call these people? What of their identity that helps them to understand this aspect of themselves? I agree that a distinction must be made between healthy people who like to be looked at and criminal deviants. Associating exhibitionism exclusively with criminal behavior is damaging. But we can't just toss this phenomenon to the dogs because it's been tainted by medical literature.

I think the psychological community's approach toward sexual pathology is flawed at best, and history bears out this perspective. As a society, we're simply not good at explaining good sexual attitudes and bad sexual attitudes. Our newfound focus on consent is an important step forward in this respect. It's not about what kind of sex you have - it's whether you're having it with people who also want to be having it.

So, the fact that a confused society has associated the desire to be seen in a sexual context with deviants going around violating others' consent doesn't mean that that's all there is to the story. Unless your fetish is specifically the violation of consent, it can manifest in both consensual and non-consensual forms (and even with non-consent, there is the outlet of fantasy and roleplay). Tell me what it is about becoming sexually aroused from being seen that relies on the violation of consent. It could go that way. But it could go the other way, too. So why focus on one to the exclusion of the other?

Defining the fetish as the pathology is inaccurate and damaging. If you ask me, there should only be one "paraphilia" listed in the DSM, and that is the decidedly non-sexual inability or unwillingness to honor the consent (or lack thereof) of another person (or persons). Whether you do this by means of penetrative intercourse, whips and chains, or tugging your rowboat on the subway is a matter of individual variation. That you prefer one or the other may say a lot about your mental state, but it isn't the thing that determines whether or not your mind is "diseased" or you commit criminal behavior. The purpose of the DSM isn't (or shouldn't be, rather) to moralize about people's sexual perversions.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Tent Erection

Here are a few teaser images from a juicy video that is available to watch on XTube:

Watch it now!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Transgender Pride String Bikini

I suppose it benefits the readers of this blog, but it feels so ridiculous that I have to quarantine an integral subsection of my artistic output just because we live in a moralistic society where nobody wants to be held responsible for aiding and abetting any entrepreneur looking to profit financially from products or services of a sexual nature.

It's not like there isn't an erotic element involved in the appreciation of my non-explicit self-portraiture anyway. I can't even properly advertise my art as "nudist" because I'm not willing to adhere to a strictly limited mode of self-expression that willfully ignores the obvious truth that people find nude images of attractive people sexually stimulating - and that that's perfectly healthy, and there's nothing wrong with it. So I'm stuck in the middle (as I've always been) - neither pure nor vile, and without recourse to the advantages of either approach.

We're deluding ourselves, and imposing such arbitrary restrictions to our own detriment. And I don't want to contribute to that, but there is a level of cooperation you have to begrudgingly meet if you want anything in return from this unfeeling machine that dictates the fates and fortunes (or misfortunes) of the lives of every one of society's members. It's frustrating, and absurd, yet completely in line with the dream logic of a Kafkaesque nightmare.

And yes, I'm the sort of person who would invoke a literary reference to accompany the posting of what is essentially pornography. It's a lonely world in which I reside.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

Beach X-cerpts

I'm a little bit behind schedule - although not quite so severely as I was last year around this time. But it'll be fall in another week, and I'm only just getting around to sifting through the pictures I took during my summer vacation to the beach back in July. These are the more X-rated excerpts - lying in bed in the morning, and admiring my reflection in the bathroom mirror - for your viewing pleasure. I'll be posting shots in all the different swimsuits I wore on my Patreon account over the course of the next week.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Monday, August 19, 2019

Why I Wear Swim Briefs

Brief-style swimsuits for men - as exemplified (though not monopolized) by the Speedo brand - are not very popular in the United States (although I hear they're more common in parts of Europe). In fact, they carry a certain stigma that I feel is largely unwarranted, as it seems to extend beyond even men with out of shape bodies "parading" around in them, and is out of proportion with the sort of attention that similarly skimpy swimsuits for women regularly receive, regardless of the age or body type of the women wearing them.

Tyr-brand swim brief

Why do I wear swim briefs? Because I like to wear swim briefs. Why do I like them? Well, let's see...

Reasons I like swim briefs:

* They're comfortable. I'm a nudist, and I'm comfortable in my skin. I like the feeling of not wearing clothes. So, in lieu of being permitted to go skinny dipping, the less I have to wear while swimming, the better.

* They're sexy. As someone who makes an effort to stay in shape, and who understands the appeal of eye candy, wearing swim briefs makes me feel sexy (regardless of how they make you feel).

* They're brief. Compared to shorts (especially the wide-legged, knee-length variety that is currently in vogue), there's less fabric to get in the way while swimming. There's also less fabric that needs to dry after you get out. (Also, fewer visible tan lines!).

tan-through swimwear by Kiniki

* They're more like underwear than clothes. As someone who enjoys swimming at any opportunity, I like that I can wear swim briefs under my clothes and be ready to swim at a moment's notice. They also preserve the action of getting undressed to go swimming, which feels natural to me, as someone who doesn't like to swim in my clothes. If this seems weird, consider that a great many women's swimsuits also resemble underwear.

* On that note, as a person with an unconventional gender identity, I like that swim briefs more closely resemble the style of swimsuits that women often wear, while still being practical for my anatomy. As such, I feel that wearing swim briefs promotes equality of the sexes, holding men's bodies to the same high standards as women's.

* Furthermore, I feel that men have a comparable lack of options when it comes to swimwear. There are plenty of colors and patterns, but hardly any variety in styles, with alternatives very hard to find in stores. Therefore, by exercising my right (where applicable) to wear swim briefs, whether the greater public appreciates it or not, I am exposing them to diversity, and promoting the freedom of choice.

a Speedo original

In conclusion, I think swim briefs are not only comfortable and practical, but also sexy, and wearing them promotes the democratic values of freedom, equality, and diversity that I believe in. That's why I wear them. And why you, even if you don't like wearing them yourself, should support those of us who do.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Lounge Chair Hard-on

I apologize if I've been neglecting this blog lately. But between summer vacations (yes, plural), and me making a concerted effort to produce a lot of content for my new Patreon page - in order to give people an incentive to pledge - I've been rather busy. On that last note, I've decided on a name-your-price model, so you can join up for as little as a dollar a month (which is really not unreasonable), and gain access to lots of artistic nude photography and even quite a few nude life documentary-style videos.

The only real drawback is the restriction on pornography, and since Patreon doesn't have a robust community of feedback like Flickr, or a pretty descriptive set of guidelines like deviantART, I pretty much have to guess what constitutes "real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation". It's probably safe to default to the rules I'm used to on deviantART - while an erection isn't an act, it could be considered evidence of sexual stimulation (whether physical or otherwise) in a way that a simple pose couldn't. Although poses like the following one are a grey area, on deviantART this would most likely be considered pornographic, and the spreading is more of an act than a simple position, so it would seem safe to err on the side of caution.

Oh, by the way, I've also recently joined Twitter, so you should follow me there, too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bias & Discrimination

I fully submit that I am biased, and that I have had the opportunity to become accustomed to certain types of materials through years of regular exposure. But if it's a matter of perspective, then why shouldn't I argue the value of one perspective over another? It amazes me that companies (let alone our own government) - that ostensibly serve the public - feel justified in passing moral judgment on works of an erotic nature, and openly discriminate against those whose lifestyles or livelihoods revolve around physical and/or psychological stimulation of a more or less sexual nature. As if we were all still children - not responsible adults - incapable of wielding our own moral agency.

I get that some people - maybe even a lot of people - are offended or disgusted by the sight of these sorts of things, and that's why filters exist. Their utility (or necessity) in society is a separate discussion. But must we go one step further and punish those who engage in these pursuits to the extent that we can single them out? Is it really necessary to stand there and say, "you cannot point willing agents toward this material." Even if you warn them about what they are going to see, and rely on their free choice to click through (or not)? Do we not live in a free society?

Whose imperative is it to dictate the righteousness of asexuality, and under whose authority are they given the power to enforce the sexual purity of our culture? There is nothing evil about sex. It is not a corrupting influence, but a fundamental part of our existence. There are good and bad ways of approaching it (for which reason education is imperative), but it is not a character flaw or a moral weakness to engage in erotic media.

To experience sexual pleasure is healthy. To share it with others is a positive force for society. And there is no reason why profiting from this exchange should be viewed as any less moral than any other exchange of goods or services that our capitalist society wholeheartedly condones. I ask not for society to judge me, but if it insists on doing so, then I deserve an explanation for why getting turned on is equivalent to a vice - comparable to introducing poisonous chemicals into my body, or lying and cheating others, much less engaging in violence. Isn't it the society that does so - that deems pleasure a moral toxin - the one which is truly diseased?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Travel Shots

A couple of shots taken in a hotel while on vacation. Join my fan club to see more!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Nude Recreation Recap

I wanted to go the extra mile for my photo series honoring Nude Recreation Week this year, and that meant stepping outside my comfort zone and leaving the backyard. So for the biking, hiking, swimming, and boating themes, I packed up my stuff, and went out on location, first to the woods, and then to the lake. I picked weekday mornings in the hope that the wilderness would be relatively abandoned - and it was. The best thing about this project was that, in addition to getting some spectacular photographs that I am very excited to share, I was able to not just simulate these activities while posing for pictures, but actually engage in them in what turned out to be two extremely memorable days of outdoor nude recreation.

On the first of these two days, I strapped my bike to the trunk of my car, and drove out into the woods. I picked a location on the grounds of a state park where I knew there was an abandoned parking lot. I walked my bike through the woods to that spot, and got to work. I didn't see a single person at the park all day, except for the one park ranger who nearly caught me. Luckily, he drove up the hill on a very loud vehicle, giving me just enough time to pull on my shorts, and pretend that I was just stopping to have a snack by the side of the lot where I had parked my bike. He stuck around for a bit, working in the nearby pavilion, but I had already got the shots I needed, so I grabbed my bike and headed back into the woods.

After returning my bike to my car, I set out again to get some nude hiking photos. I shot a few on the approach to a trail that runs over the ridge of a hill, along with some short establishing videos, just as a storm was settling in. The park was empty, and I felt sufficiently confident, so I decided to walk part of the trail without putting my clothes back on. And then I proceeded to walk the entire trail - until the point at which it comes down off the ridge - completely naked. It rained throughout the hike, which reassured me that I would be less likely to encounter any other hikers. But it was still warm, so I was perfectly comfortable - indeed more so, without being trapped in wet clothing. And I suspect the rain helped keep the bugs away. It was an absolutely enchanting experience. I wish I could do it more often, and it pains me to think that this sort of thing isn't more accepted in our society. The rain eventually cleared up, and I was able to get a few more photos on a separate trail before packing up, and calling the day a monumental success!

The next day turned out to be just as successful! I didn't know how much privacy I'd be able to find at the lake, but I strapped my kayak to the hood of my car, determined to take my chances. As it turns out, I didn't encounter a single other swimmer on the shore, and there were only a few boaters that pulled into the cove, so that I was able to have plenty of privacy for my photoshoots. I spent a good deal of time shooting in the water by the shore, then rowed over to some large rocks to take more photos. At that point, the cove was empty, and I felt sufficiently confident to stow my clothes away with my bag on the shore, and take my kayak across the lake completely unladen - I didn't even take my sunglasses; there was something almost spiritual about how truly naked I was. As during my hike the previous day, I was in such a state of mind that I was prepared to handle any encounters that might have cropped up, but was lucky enough not to have to.

There was, however, one point during my long trip around the cove that made me a little nervous. I found a large slab of stone sticking out of shallow water around a bend, sheltered in the reeds. It was tranquil, and private, so I shored my kayak and layed out on the rock for a while, feeling completely at one with nature. Then I heard a boat coming into the cove. I was in such a position that I had no fear of the boat spotting me, although if it had opted to lay anchor and stick around, I might have had to row around it without any coverage for my nakedness. However, the boat merely made a circuit of the cove and departed. Still, I became a little bit paranoid that the boater might have stopped and stolen my bag, all the way on the other side of the lake, and started to curse myself that I didn't hide it better.

And that's when a bizarre flight of fancy overtook me. Although I knew in my rational mind that it would be a nightmare if this were to actually occur, some part of me got excited at the thought of my bag being stolen. Not only would it mean that I would have no clothes or even a towel with which to cover myself up - utterly naked as I was - but that I wouldn't have a phone to contact anyone, or even my car keys to get home. Which means that I would in some way have to seek help - either from a passing driver on the road, or a park ranger at some station - approaching a complete stranger naked as the day I was born. Of course, in reality, I would probably be able to find some coverage at that point, even if it meant borrowing another's towel or blanket or clothes, but in my fantasy, I was tickled by the idea of having to stay naked, while navigating my way in public to get home.

I don't know why this thought should excite me. As I said, in reality it would be a nightmare. But something about the situation intrigues me on a psychological level. How much fun would it be to play some kind of virtual reality simulator, where you get to experiment with the effects of going nude in public, without real world repercussions? I know I can't be the only person in the world who would be interested in something like this. Alas, I don't think the technology is up to snuff just yet, and, sadly, I fear that prudish interests would obstruct the development of such a scenario. But one can dream. Anyway, the daydream passed, and I rowed back to my bag and found everything in order. I counted myself very fortunate to have had the opportunities I'd had over these two days, without my luck at any point running out and getting caught, and decided it was time to pack it in and go home. I can't wait, however, till I get the chance to have another experience like these...

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Boating)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is boating - or, in this case, rowing. Let me tell you, taking pictures on a kayak is challenging, because you're drifting around on the water, so it's hard to position yourself - to know where in the frame you're floating, how far you can get from the camera, and what direction you need to be pointed. It's not a form of watercraft that's designed to sit still in one spot while you take pictures. So, composing a good shot was hard. And the sun kept going in and out from behind the clouds, so I would expose for one scene, then get out on the kayak, and the light would change drastically. :-/ Oh well, it was a fun experience, and I was grateful to have enough privacy to perform the photoshoot without interruption (and I really wanted to add this theme to my Nude Recreation Week celebration). It would definitely be worth trying again someday!

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Swimming)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is swimming, and just in time for International Skinny Dip Day! I visited a lake on a weekday morning for a rare opportunity to go skinny dipping out among nature. It was exhilarating! And I didn't have to bother with a swimsuit getting in the way, or taking forever to dry. I only wish I could have shared this experience with other people.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Hiking)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is hiking, and for this theme, I trekked out into the woods on a rainy weekday morning to walk through an enchanted forest nude. The rain kept the bugs at bay (not to mention other hikers off the trail), although it was very muddy. But the forest was quiet - except for the sounds of nature - and I felt like I was alone in the wilderness. Well, alone in the sense of being away from people - I saw two turtles, a wild hare, a deer, and something growled at me from the bushes at one point (I felt glad I was carrying my walking stick!). My nakedness further detached me from the trappings of civilization, and I felt exhilarated from start to finish. I highly recommend the experience; I only wish it were more accepted among society to enjoy nature the way it was intended - au naturel.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Biking)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is biking. You might be hard-pressed to find a suitable location for bicycling in the nude (I chose a secluded park on a cloudy weekday morning) - where you won't be disturbed by excitable passersby. But it's a thrilling activity if you ever do get a chance to try it. I know that the World Naked Bike Ride is a popular phenomenon, and gives you the opportunity to bike nude through crowded streets, but only occurs in select cities. I have yet to attend one, but it's definitely on my bucket list.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Sports)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is sports. I wanted to feature volleyball - as it is a popular nudist pastime, and I have participated in many nude volleyball tournaments - but I did not have enough room in my backyard for a full size volleyball net; and of all the volleyball courts I know of, they are either situated so that there is no chance of going nude, or else they are located in areas where cameras are strictly forbidden. So, you get badminton instead - a great activity for your next backyard barbecue! If you've never played sports in the nude, you're missing out on the freedom of running and jumping about with no clothes to hamper your movement, or to weigh you down when you start to sweat.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Tanning)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is tanning. If you're looking for a more relaxing activity, try this popular nudist pastime. You can even do it in your own backyard! Just be sure to monitor your sun exposure. I prefer to get my tan naturally, engaged in a variety of outdoor activities. But I do enjoy the feel of warm sunshine on my skin, especially after swimming - it's the natural way to dry!

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Camping)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is camping. Many private nudist resorts offer tent and RV camping, usually with amenities like snack bars and swimming pools, and activities like sports competitions and dance parties. Or, if you're more interested in getting out into the wilderness, you can find a campsite out in the woods at a national park, in a secluded location, and "get back to nature" - the natural way!

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Saturday, July 6, 2019


Here's a mixture of shots all taken on the same day.

Truthfully, I was having some issues with lighting, but I took these shots after stretching in front of a mirror and remarking - between the cropped top and the short shorts - just how much skin was exposed, in spite of being dressed.

Then I went and exercised on the pull-up bar in the garage in a bikini, followed by various stages of undress. :-3

And, as if that weren't enough, I went to the store later that day and tried on some things.

Nothing too remarkable, except this one swimsuit that was really cute and had a space theme.