Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Perils (or Joys) of Handstanding

It really depends on your point of view. ;-)

I think it works better in sequence, but here are the three figures together, just for the hell of it.

Yeah, the third one was purely for fun - I've never known somebody's clothes to spontaneously fall off (completely!) while doing a handstand. It does kind of seem like something that would happen to me, though - I'll strip at the drop of a hat, if I have even the slightest excuse (and can get away with it - that's an important caveat).

Here's the blooper reel:

Handstanding isn't that difficult, but there is lots of room for error. And doing it a few times in succession is one thing, but by the end of this photoshoot, I'd probably done it tens of times and was starting to get tired. Plus it was ninety degrees with high humidity that day - the kind of day where your clothes just get drenched in sweat, and you want to take them off. Days like that are a really strong argument for nudism, I'd say.

Finally, here's a video of me performing a handstand in the nude. There's no sound, because the A/C unit was being really loud and obnoxious. Also, you don't even notice it, but the sunlight gradually comes out just after the start of the video. If you start it back from the beginning after reaching the end, you'll see how much of a difference there is in the lighting! I was extremely lucky that the sun stayed out throughout my handstand photoshoot above, thereby keeping the light consistent.

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