Thursday, November 22, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, I've decided to stuff my turkey. (If that's not a valid euphemism, should be).

It all started with me coming across (though not literally :-p) an image on Reddit. I would have loved to have shared it with you, but I went back to look for it a week later, and I couldn't find it. (You know, every time someone says "nothing ever vanishes from the internet", I want to come back with a "yeah, but can you actually find it?"). It showed a girl either naked or wearing a short skirt, bending over to reveal a jeweled butt plug in her ass. I thought it was cute, and also extremely perverted. My mind started to wander, and I decided to try one myself. It could be fun, and think of the pictures I could take!

My very first butt plug

Now, I'm not an anal pro (contrary to your fantasies, I'm sure :-p), so it was a little uncomfortable getting it in (with lots of lube, of course). And it felt weird at first, but after a few minutes, I guess I got used to it. I could walk around with it in - in fact, I was surprised by how well it was hidden within the folds of my butt cheeks when not, you know, bent over with my legs spread.

I guess the advantage to using a butt plug is the continuous anal stimulation, although there's also the psychological element of naughtiness - "hehe, I've got something in my butt!" Both of these were effective for me.

I wanted to try having intercourse while plugged - something that has never been entirely practical using dildos that aren't designed to stay put. Lucky for me, I had a willing and enthusiastic partner on hand. -_^

I was pretty excited - the whole experience felt great; I hate to judge anything by a single data point (especially when it's colored by "first time" feelings) - because sometimes orgasms are just more or less intense, depending on unknown factors - but I feel like it was even more pleasurable than usual. Although one downside to that - and I'm sure my partner would agree - is that maybe I came a little too fast. Pulling the butt plug out afterwards was again slightly uncomfortable, but less so compared to putting it in.

I like how the jewel twinkles at the end.

I would love to play around with this toy some more. I have to admit the thought of wearing it out of the house - especially, for example, while wearing a skirt and no underwear - excites me. I just want to be careful, because we're dealing with delicate, internal anatomy here.

I really like how photogenic this butt plug is (I've also seen it referred to as a "princess plug" - it's a magical world where people's assholes look like glittering jewels!), but I've since read that it's not 100% safe - there have been cases where it's gotten lost up inside, due to an insufficiently flared base. Maybe this is rare (I would hope), but even if it's one in a hundred cases - or even ten thousand - I really don't want to be one of those exceptions that ends up in the emergency room due to a sex toy mishap. That's not the kind of risk I want to take with my body. So maybe I'll have to look for one that has a wider base, even if it's less photogenic.

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