Tuesday, November 6, 2018


So as not to repeat myself, I tried adding an erection to these bike photos, but it's hard to keep it hard when you're being athletic (and needing that blood flow elsewhere in your body), and focusing on other things - like not running into anything or faceplanting.

I did, however, try to emphasize the sexually-interpretive (because I don't want to imply that there's anything intrinsically sexual about riding a bike naked) element.

Do you want to ride my bicycle?

I don't know when this will be posted on my blog, since I've got such a huge backlog right now, but I took these shots in early October, and it was still ninety degrees! Not that I'm complaining. But my resolution to finish the outdoors/summery posts before it gets too late in the year seems like it will be impossible to follow. I wonder if we'll get any snow at all before the New Year...

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