Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

Did I mention that this pink mini-dress (actually a pool coverup, I think) is one of my favorite summer outfits? It doesn't do the best job of hiding my masculine features (it tends to emphasize my broad shoulders and flat chest, although it's pretty good at obscuring my bulge), but sometimes you wear things just because you like them, not because they help you conform to society's expectations of how you should look. And this little slip-on is not only cute, but skimpy (the short skirt emphasizes my legs, which are one of my best features), and easy to put on (or pull off) - yet the strings that tie around the neck help to keep it in place.

This picture also demonstrates that, in light of my recent discussion of being bigendered, even when I'm shopping at a sporting goods store - which, not to gender stereotype, as women are just as interested in physical fitness as men, albeit sometimes in different forms, but being surrounded by sporting equipment and hunting and fishing and camping gear feels very male-centric (especially compared to the environment in, say, a department store) - I still like to look cute and girly and feminine. I've also noticed that this is the only kind of store I've come across that sells men's Speedos, though unfortunately in very limited varieties.


  1. Ah, thanks for the pictures. I like being able to tag along with you on some of your outings!

    Picture 1 is very appealing. I like the hint of a smile – sort of a Mona Lisa smile – and the warm expression in your eyes. It's nice, and makes me want to smile back.

    I also like your pretty pink coverup. It seems to have just the right balance between covering and exposing your body. You mentioned your broad shoulders. I must say that I like them, especially in a dress like this that shows so much bare skin. Your arms, hands, and fingers (with nail polish) are lovely, too.

    Of course, your legs are exceptionally attractive, and this dress does them justice. Such beautiful smooth shapes, with each leg showing a different aspect of their beauty. And then your pretty feet (again, with nail polish) look great in your flip flops (my favorite footwear, both for myself and on others). Again, thanks for taking me along on this expedition with you.

    Of course, you won't be surprised to hear that I especially like picture 2. Wow! I always love seeing your hard cock on display, it really is so beautiful, and I've always thought erections in a sort of public setting like a car are particularly exciting. I really like this shot, with your hand on your cock, the nice upward arc of the shaft, the pumped up tip and opening, and the full balls – all at the base of your smooth shapely thighs. I also like making eye contact with you when you're so hard, especially when I'm just as hard right now as I write this. It's wonderful to be able to share that with you.

    It looks like your not wearing anything under your dress. Is that right? Did you have anything under it in the store? Maybe a pair of Speedos? Just curious – that aspect of going around with nothing underneath is exciting, too. This would certainly be a good dress to have your blow job during a movie, lol.

  2. I was going to leave it as a matter of provocative suggestion, but since you insist (:p), I was wearing a pair of cute panties I bought at Victoria's Secret (they're stealthily hidden from view in the second picture). This skirt is way too short to wear nothing underneath - a stiff breeze is all it would take for a little eye-popping peek-a-boo. Even just walking around in it unsupported would create enough flopping around to cause problems. :-x (Realism, ever the enemy of fantasy...)

  3. Sorry to expose your undies (so to speak), but I can certainly see the practical issues involved, lol.

    Do you happen to have any other pics from this outing, either in the store or, more especially, in the car? I always like seeing some of the "behind the scenes" shots that didn't make the final cut.

    By the way, did you have any reactions from people in the store? If so, I hope they were positive and friendly.

  4. No reactions in particular, this time (which is fine by me). And I just took a few shots while we were waiting out the rain. It was a little too public to settle in and go all out with the camera phone...