Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Xmas Blues Tradition

I have these blue xmas lights in my old bedroom, that I probably put up back when I was in high school. I only plug them in one day a year - on Christmas. I'm not sure what exactly motivated me, but in 2009 (the year following my daily nude project, and my first year with a dSLR), I got up early on Christmas morning (I've always had trouble sleeping the night before Christmas), and I took a nude self-portrait (seen above) under those lights. Apart from the moody lighting, it wasn't a spectacular picture. But two years later, I took a similar picture (seen below), again on Christmas morning (it must have been a little bit later, judging from the morning light coming into the room). It wasn't nude - I took one picture in my pajamas, and another stripping them halfway off, but it had the same spirit to it - me in my bedroom, in the antsy hours before the holiday festivities begin.

The following year (2012), I had moved out of state, so the picture (taken with my new cell phone camera) served as a naughty greeting to my living partner back home. I posed nude and hard, wearing nothing but a Santa hat, with alternatives of me in my panties, and in my robe. From there it became an annual tradition. The next year's picture was a pretty straightforward nude selfie, and the year after that featured a near duplicate, albeit with an additional naughtier alternative. 2015 was the year that I began to get creative. I brought back the Santa hat that I had used in 2012's picture, posing with it front, back, and hard; then I posed for a couple pictures (front and back) in my new, sexy Santa outfit. Which brings us to 2016. I brought along my fancy camera this year, in anticipation of taking some decent quality photos for a change. Here they are:

Just out of bed on Christmas morning.

Sexy Santa in his festive red underwear.

Mrs. Clause - who is all hair and legs.

Time to open presents! Are you excited?

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