Friday, May 4, 2018

No Pant(ie)s Day

Window washing on No Pant(ie)s Day. You can see where this is going...

I suppose you could accuse me of trying to "cheat" my way through No Pants Day - wearing dresses and skirts and substituting "no pants" for "no panties" - but it's only because I really like the concept and want to celebrate the day, but I don't feel like I could really get away with celebrating it straight. If you have a whole group participating, people will think it's a thing - strength in numbers, and all that. But when it's just one person, well, then it's just one weirdo in public without pants on. Anyway, it's still fun having an excuse to try to find ways to technically go without pants, and feeling justified in pushing the boundaries maybe just a little bit more than you would usually allow yourself to do.

I really think people get too uptight about "upskirts", "panty flashes", and things like that. I mean, yeah, technically this could be considered indecent exposure, but the difference is, you're not puttin' it all out there - you're still covered up; there's just a few chinks in the armor here and there. If somebody gets a flash, big deal. The world's not going to end if somebody sees your underwear (or even what's under it). We bend over backwards to do things like put shorts inside skirts and it's ridiculous. It's anhedonic and erotophobic. It's like banning candy bars because they're unhealthy, with no consideration to the pleasure they can bring, to those who are capable of indulging in them responsibly.

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