Friday, March 9, 2018


Nail polish is fun. I like wearing it, although it can be a chore putting it on and waiting for it to dry, and then trying to get it off later. I've been in a period for at least the last year or so where I haven't worn it so much, largely for the practical reason that it might interfere with impromptu photo shoots.

I know, nail polish is a great accessory for photos, but some photo shoots require particular colors, and some are better with none at all - especially when representing the "naked" approach of nudism. I've been shooting this Why Nudism? project since last summer, and so I don't want to get caught with a perfect opportunity to do a shoot only to have to remove my nail polish first (as much of a pain that is), and end up with spots here and there that wouldn't come off...

In the week of Valentine's Day alone I had to put on and take off my nail polish several times for various photoshoots (not just the Valentine's Day shoots which called for red polish, but then the ballet shoot which demanded pink to match the tutu), and it was kind of a pain. Still, I've got a lot of nail polish, in some really fantastic colors, so I'm hoping I'll be able to wear it more often in the near future. (Maybe after I finally wrap up this Why Nudism? project, which is in its final stages).

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