Monday, March 12, 2018

Naked Snow Angels (Part 1)

I would have liked to have shared these images of naked snow angels back in January when I took them, but I've been sitting on them in the hope that it would snow again heavy enough for me to make some more, so I could get some more practice photographing them, and have more images to pick from for my featured shot for the Why Nudism? project. But, alas, now that it's March (notwithstanding the recent weather we've had), I have little faith that it will snow enough to make snow angels again, when it has only done so exactly twice all winter long. Every other time we've gotten only a dusting, which promptly melts by the next noon, followed by several days of sixty degree (or higher!) temperatures. Aside from one weeklong stint in early January, we haven't really had a deep freeze, where the snow just keeps piling up and lingers for weeks. It's just been coming in fits and starts all season long. Although I enjoy milder weather, I'm a bit frustrated, because if it's going to be cold at all, we might as well get the benefit of having the snow!

Day 1

Practicing poses and angles. What with the cold and all, naked snow angels don't give you much room for error. Because you don't want to be lying in the snow in sub-freezing temperatures any longer than you have to. That's kind of why I wanted more opportunities to practice... That, and to mitigate problems like the camera not focusing properly, or me dropping my remote into the snow at the critical moment (see Day 2).

This shot is me testing how the light will look on my naked skin. Exposing for a bright, white expanse of snow is one thing, but I want to make sure my body is properly exposed. -_^

Lol, I think you can really get a sense for how cold it was, judging from my reaction. It was pure happenstance that my penis stuck up like that - almost as if frozen in place. I hope no one mistakes it for an erection. An erection would have been warm enough and heavy enough not to have that problem. :-p

Post-snow angel, after the flip. I like the look of the snow scattered over my body, but you only get so many shots before the cold catches up to you, and you can't see what it's really going to look like until you actually get in the snow. So you've kinda gotta take a Hail Mary approach. Still, I think it's better than the first time I ever did a naked snow angel. At least it's daylight!

My second dive into the snow in one day - in a fresh spot. You can only do so many naked snow angels in one day before you just get chilled to the bone and want to call it quits - to have a mug of hot cocoa, and take a hot shower. But there's always another day! (At least you hope...)

Day 2

The morning after the first day of snow angels, I noticed a third spot I could use, so I geared up for one more jump into the snow. Unfortunately, I only got a single picture (vaguely reminiscent of a shot I'd taken years ago, albeit with a lot less snow) because, as I was dropping down into the snow, I dropped the remote shutter release for my camera, and couldn't immediately find it. I had to go inside, dry off and warm up, then come back out and hunt for it. By that time, the spot was all mussed up and I was ready to call it quits. I did happen to be taking video again, though.

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