Saturday, March 31, 2018

Slow-Motion Ejaculation

I felt like this video deserved a post of its own. Wouldn't you agree? Enjoy this thirty seconds of pure bliss. :-D

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Trim

Several years ago now (I believe it was in 2011), I shaved my pubic area for the first time. I was planning to wear a particular cosplay that involved a very short skirt, and I was going to be wearing swim briefs underneath, just to make sure I wouldn't get in trouble for exposing anything you normally aren't allowed to expose in public. So, naturally, I wanted to be nice and trim, just in case anybody got a glimpse of my "bikini line".

In the long run, I don't think I like the "totally smooth" look enough to keep it that way all the time (at least in that particular spot - just about everywhere else I'd disagree), but I do like to trim it back on occasion, and it's fun to have a change of pace every once in awhile (especially for pictures). So I've kind of gotten into the habit of shaving it all off once a year in the spring around the same time of year that I first did it. It's become a sort of tradition.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Laundry Day

This is my most elaborate video project to date, with multiple cuts and transitions. In the grand scheme, it's a relatively modest effort, but given my lack of experience, it was a Herculean task to put together. And I don't even have any music for it! Being able to tell a story like this is a lot of fun, and I'd love to be able to do it some more. But for a once-a-day project, I'm finding out that videos that require a lot of editing (unlike the single shot one or two-minute long videos I'm used to taking) are too much work. So I think I'm going to continue to try to keep them fairly simple, utilizing a "moving picture" sort of approach...for the most part. Especially given the hosting limitations of this blog (speaking of which, I apologize for the lousy resolution), and the fact that I don't really know of a good place to share these videos, since most general purpose sites have rules against nudity/erotic material, and I don't think short films like this one would really fit in on a porn site.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Morning Siege

"Rescue me, should I go down."

Monday, March 26, 2018

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Penis on Pavement

You'll probably think this is weird, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of your penis on hot (or cold!) pavement. Although typically, in nudist contexts, the rule is to place a barrier between your nether regions and the seat (because who wants to share ball sweat with a stranger?), few sensations better evoke the realization that "I'm naked!" than feeling your dangling genitals come into contact with something other than your body. If you don't know what that's like, try sitting cross-legged in the grass sometime. Although perhaps I'm atypical in that I enjoy the sensation of physical contact on my balls. You have to be gentle, of course, but just a light, airy touch is enough to send electrical signals coursing throughout my body! In case you wanted to know...

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sun Therapy

This may be a recurring theme, but I just love the feeling of the sun on my skin. In moderation - there's no sense in laying out for hours until you're heavily bronzed and sweating profusely. But a little bit now and then is healthy. Bonus points if you're near a pool and can periodically go for a dip (sadly, I am not).

Friday, March 23, 2018

Why Nudism? (Part 23)

There's a limit to how true this is, as things like grooming habits, hairstyles, glasses, body jewelry, and makeup all change through the years, and may still be noticeable on a person even if that person is nude. Plus, the technology itself with which we record images of ourselves evolves, so that even photographs of nudists taken in the twentieth century, for example, do not resemble those taken in the twenty-first. Nevertheless, there are few things quite so conspicuously dated as contemporaneous fashion trends, and I find that as an artist - if less so a nudist - it is easier to make a "timeless" visual statement by representing the bodies we've inhabited since the dawn of man, without being distracted by the passing clothing styles of the day.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Who's there?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Equinox (Vernal)

Equal day and night. The halfway point between the winter and summer solstices, as the sun moves (from our perspective) into the northern hemisphere, and the days grow longer above the equator. The first day of spring.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Princess' Tower

Please come and rescue me!

Sunday, March 18, 2018


"He who has the right to eat the fruit of a tree
may assuredly pluck it ripe or green,
according to the inspiration of his taste."

- The Marquis de Sade,
from Philosophy in the Bedroom

All three stages of this banana are edible, yet you may only eat two. Which two stages look most appetizing to you? In the absence of the middle option, would you prefer to eat the banana that is underripe, or overripe? What if you happen to have a taste for underripe bananas, yet I told you those were strictly verboten? That you may eat yellow bananas to your satisfaction until they're covered head to toe in brown spots, but that you best not even look at the green bananas with hungry eyes. Despite the fact that they are perfectly edible. And quite tasty. All because of an arbitrary standard that has shifted through the ages, and across different societies.

This may be considered TMI, but I've been told that my cum tastes like green bananas. (Does that change your decision?) :-3

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Girl Scout Cookies

In lieu of a St. Patrick's Day post (I'm a little bit indisposed for the time being), here's a shot I took celebrating the season for Girl Scout Cookies! They're always so ephemeral. Today you see them, then tomorrow they're gone. So go out and get them while you still can!

Friday, March 16, 2018


Two pictures, taken on the same day -
one before breakfast, and the other after a hearty lunch.

Proposition: I look more attractive when I am hungry than when I am full.

True or false? There may well be a subjective element involved - although that pretty much guarantees that there will be at least some who think it is true. Are they wrong? And if so, is it possible to change their mind? But what if they're not? I must confess that I am attracted to slender frames, and I do think I look less attractive when I am carrying what you might call a "food baby". There is also the question of to what extent the food is responsible, because in either case - full or hungry - I can make the conscious choice to suck in my stomach or let it all hang out, and in either case, I think the sucked in stomach looks more attractive (provided it's not sucked in to an unnaturally excessive extent). On the bottom line, whether it's "true" or not, I think there are a lot of people in modern society who think that thin is attractive, and many of them are likely to come to the conclusion that less eating will make them thinner.

This is what I would call an inconvenient truth. Obviously, eating is not only important, but a necessary activity for survival. Starving oneself in order to look attractive is not what I would call a mature or even a sane perspective. Watching what one eats, however, is a healthy strategy. That some take this to an unhealthy extreme doesn't mean we can't acknowledge the inherent truth behind it. Even though it may be a sensitive issue that tugs on people's heartstrings. Even though it may trigger some people who have unresolved issues. And even though those who are unhealthy may use this acknowledgement to reinforce their toxic beliefs. Even to the extent that this may contribute to their self-destructive tendencies.

This is what I consider a mature, intelligent, evolved mind. A simpleton can only consider one variable at a time. Thinness is either attractive, or it is not. If it is, then people will starve themselves to become attractive. The only way to discourage people from starving themselves to become attractive is to convince them (and ourselves) that thinness is not attractive. But life is not that simple. The world isn't black and white. And this is not the approach that a competent, professional therapist would take, anyhow. The solution is to understand that there are multiple variables involved. That, just as eating sustains us, yet eating too much can kill us, it is also true that eating less may make you more attractive (albeit according to subjective standards - and also depending on an individual's metabolism, what you eat, and other factors), but eating too much less can kill you, too.

It's like acknowledging that bodies can be sexually appealing, and yet at the same time that nudity is not intrinsically sexual. That beauty has value in our society, yet you can strip your clothes off among nudists and relax and have a good time no matter what you look like. (It's worth having a conversation about how much beauty matters; because you don't have to be a model to be happy and have a fulfilling life). It takes a complex, evolved mind to understand these things. And I expect no less from Homo sapiens, even though I am frequently confronted with less than that. Are my standards too high? But this world would be a better place, and people would be happier, if they could live up to these standards. Is it fair for those of us who are evolved to live by the standards of the lowest common denominator? And is it merely egotism for me to say that, or do I actually have a point?

In any case, you can rest assured that I am not going to starve myself to look attractive. We all have good days and bad days. And I've learned that even more important than watching what I eat (because I still eat pizza and soda and candy - just not usually to excess - and look at me!) is getting regular exercise to keep me in relatively good shape (although your mileage may vary). I have a healthy, balanced approach to these issues - not a distorted one, which would be true if I thought I needed to starve myself in order to look attractive, but also if I tried to force myself to believe against belief that I didn't really think I looked more attractive with a flat stomach than a bloated belly (which I unequivocally do - think I look more attractive, that is. Your opinion may differ, and that's fine). Self-deception of any kind is not healthy.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

An Uncommon View

Not least of which because I don't make a habit of peeing while standing up. I think it's uncivilized. Certainly given the height of a standard toilet. But then - at the risk of generalizing - men are filthy animals. :-p

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pi(e) Day

Celebrating the magical ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter, with - what else? - pie!

Do you want a piece of my cherry pie?

I do enjoy double entendres. And since we're on the subject of sex and pies - which, if taken literally, is a bit outside the realm of the ordinary - I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a discussion about the nature of fetishistic desires.

Regrettably, some people have a very limited imagination when it comes to the topic of alternative sexual desires, not coincidentally inspired by a very negative view of sexuality - that sex must be approached very strictly in a particular way, to avoid falling afoul of some arbitrarily designated rules of propriety. In other words, as an example, the edict that you must only have sex in the missionary position, for the purposes of procreation, otherwise you are committing a sin and shaming yourself and God. This is a disgusting way to view human sexuality - one that promotes shame (obviously) and self-loathing - and any God (or priest, or other social force, who wants to control the behavior of the masses) that would demand we hold ourselves up to such...not extraordinary, but inhumane standards is not worth worshiping or even admiring.

As a thought experiment, let's posit a hypothetical alternative sexual desire - say, a fetish for the warm, inner flesh of fruit pies. One can imagine that this desire may manifest itself in the unfortunate form of a man "demolishing" a pie in an uncouth manner. We view this behavior as deviant because it contravenes the standard use for a pie (namely, to be eaten). In light of that purpose, this alternative use may indeed be seen as somewhat disturbing.

But let's separate the act of demolishing the pie from the desire that precedes it. A man may choose whether or not to demolish a pie in this manner, but he does not choose his desires. And while it might seem natural for us to associate the desire with what we view as the inevitable demolition of pies, I'd like to point out that the desire itself does not necessarily incorporate demolition as an intrinsic aspect. The man does not desire to demolish pies, it is merely the case that the pie becomes demolished in the process of satisfying his desire for it.

This may seem like a niggling detail, but I feel that it is important in profiling the fetishist's psychology. The critical point is that, contrary to a sex-negative conception, the sexual desire itself is not a manifestation of hatred or violence, or even domination. A pie fetishist doesn't necessarily want to damage the pies he fancies. In fact, he probably regards them highly, as they are able to provide him with such positive feelings. And it may be conceivable that there could be other ways a man might satisfy his desire for pies that do not involve their demolition (e.g., via fantasy, or non-contact voyeuristic acts).

What I'd like to demolish is the stereotype of the out-of-control sex freak who, overcome by desire, cannot help destroying everything in his path in his myopic quest for sexual satisfaction - even (or especially) the very object of his desire. An exhibitionist does not require the shock and offense of unsuspecting innocents any more than a lover of women requires the humiliation and degradation of womankind. The behaviors of a sex pervert who happens to be criminally insane should reflect poorly on the criminally insane - not on sex perverts as a group.

The important conclusion to be drawn here is that the fetishist has the potential to be a well-adjusted, law-abiding, productive member of society - ideally, while still fulfilling his sexual desires. But this can't happen if we shame and marginalize him for the desires he can't control, which goes far beyond holding him accountable for the behaviors he can control. Insofar as the pie fetishist is able to browse a confectionary without behaving inappropriately, we should praise him. For resisting such powerful temptation, he deserves our sympathy, rather than scorn for what we suppose he might like to do with those pies in private.

And we're going to ignore the fact that the ultimate fate of the pie you purchased is to be devoured and digested, then excreted from your body and dispelled into the sewers. Because nourishment is considered a valid activity, but somehow, there is something "immoral" about the giving and taking of sexual pleasure. Your pie doesn't end up any better off than the fetishist's, necessarily. But you see, this isn't really about pie at all. It's about controlling other people's sexual feelings. Or trying to, anyway. Because you can't dictate what goes through anyone's mind while they're jerking off.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Naked Snow Angels (Part 2)

Day 3

A couple weeks after the first time, it snowed again heavy enough to make snow angels, so once again I took to the snow, but not without first practicing my poses and angles again!

And before you accuse of me getting distracted (:-p), I was thinking about a picture I took in the snow many years ago, which I reduplicated just the other day.

Contemplating the prospect of putting my body in contact with all that ice cold snow... I don't remember if it was this time or the previous time, but I remember standing there, getting ready to dive into the snow. I pointed the remote at the camera and pressed the button for the two-second delay, and noticed that it hadn't registered just in time to pull myself back from a forward lean. I very nearly lost my balance and fell into the snow unprepared! Thankfully, I didn't, though.

I didn't want all my snow angel pictures to look identical, so I experimented with a different approach this time - shooting from a really low angle, to get more of a backdrop into the picture. I like the idea, but I didn't like how small I ended up being in the frame. I think I jumped out into the snow a little too far from the camera. But once you jump, that's it. And then you have to find a different spot, unless you can live with the markings of a previous jump showing up in your photos. One time was enough for me this day.

I did not bother to take a video this time, but I did take "after" pictures of my skin all red with the cold - snowburned, if you will - instead.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Naked Snow Angels (Part 1)

I would have liked to have shared these images of naked snow angels back in January when I took them, but I've been sitting on them in the hope that it would snow again heavy enough for me to make some more, so I could get some more practice photographing them, and have more images to pick from for my featured shot for the Why Nudism? project. But, alas, now that it's March (notwithstanding the recent weather we've had), I have little faith that it will snow enough to make snow angels again, when it has only done so exactly twice all winter long. Every other time we've gotten only a dusting, which promptly melts by the next noon, followed by several days of sixty degree (or higher!) temperatures. Aside from one weeklong stint in early January, we haven't really had a deep freeze, where the snow just keeps piling up and lingers for weeks. It's just been coming in fits and starts all season long. Although I enjoy milder weather, I'm a bit frustrated, because if it's going to be cold at all, we might as well get the benefit of having the snow!

Day 1

Practicing poses and angles. What with the cold and all, naked snow angels don't give you much room for error. Because you don't want to be lying in the snow in sub-freezing temperatures any longer than you have to. That's kind of why I wanted more opportunities to practice... That, and to mitigate problems like the camera not focusing properly, or me dropping my remote into the snow at the critical moment (see Day 2).

This shot is me testing how the light will look on my naked skin. Exposing for a bright, white expanse of snow is one thing, but I want to make sure my body is properly exposed. -_^

Lol, I think you can really get a sense for how cold it was, judging from my reaction. It was pure happenstance that my penis stuck up like that - almost as if frozen in place. I hope no one mistakes it for an erection. An erection would have been warm enough and heavy enough not to have that problem. :-p

Post-snow angel, after the flip. I like the look of the snow scattered over my body, but you only get so many shots before the cold catches up to you, and you can't see what it's really going to look like until you actually get in the snow. So you've kinda gotta take a Hail Mary approach. Still, I think it's better than the first time I ever did a naked snow angel. At least it's daylight!

My second dive into the snow in one day - in a fresh spot. You can only do so many naked snow angels in one day before you just get chilled to the bone and want to call it quits - to have a mug of hot cocoa, and take a hot shower. But there's always another day! (At least you hope...)

Day 2

The morning after the first day of snow angels, I noticed a third spot I could use, so I geared up for one more jump into the snow. Unfortunately, I only got a single picture (vaguely reminiscent of a shot I'd taken years ago, albeit with a lot less snow) because, as I was dropping down into the snow, I dropped the remote shutter release for my camera, and couldn't immediately find it. I had to go inside, dry off and warm up, then come back out and hunt for it. By that time, the spot was all mussed up and I was ready to call it quits. I did happen to be taking video again, though.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Why Nudism? (Part 22)

I'll concede that the thought of diving into a snowbank naked - with nothing protecting your intimates from the frosty snow - is probably not the most inviting endorsement for nudism. Although, thrill-seekers might appreciate how exhilarating it is - polar bear swims are not unpopular among a certain segment of the population, after all. But I wanted to do something that would really drive the point home. When you're naked, your skin is exposed. Not just to the open air, but to everything your body comes into contact with. For hygienic reasons, nudists typically sit on towels, but aside from that, the nerve endings in your body's largest organ (your skin!) are not isolated from the environment the way they are when you are wearing clothes.

Whether it's the wind in your hair or the grass under your feet - or even the hot pavement - you are literally more in touch with your surroundings when you're nude. And though there are times when protective covering is beneficial (I don't like walking over sharp gravel in my bare feet, for example, and there is no shame in covering up when you get cold), it's also true that there may be physical and psychological benefits to exposing yourself to the elements, and not denying your skin that tactile feedback. Some may even interpret it in a spiritual way, as it contributes to a feeling of oneness with nature, and the world around us. If you've never danced naked in the rain during a summer storm, you haven't lived, my friend.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spring Flurries

I guess it's technically not spring yet, but it's getting awfully close. And just as I was lamenting that we'd see no more snow, here it comes again! Albeit not in enough volume to make a lasting impression. I swear, it snowed at least five different times in a single day, but after each time, the sun came out, and the snow melted completely, so that there was no trace of it ever having fallen, until the next one. There go my plans for "spring thaw"...

You know what they say about March - in like a lion, out like a lamb. I suppose they're referring to the animals' dispositions, but I've always felt it should be t'other way 'round. Because, to me - visually - a lamb with its fluffy white coat reminds me of the snow, whereas a lion with its golden mane reminds me of the sun. Ah well.

Speaking of animals, these shots were inspired by an image I took out in the snow many years ago (during the night, as you can see). Boy, did we have a lot of snow that year. I think that's what I was hoping for...

Friday, March 9, 2018


Nail polish is fun. I like wearing it, although it can be a chore putting it on and waiting for it to dry, and then trying to get it off later. I've been in a period for at least the last year or so where I haven't worn it so much, largely for the practical reason that it might interfere with impromptu photo shoots.

I know, nail polish is a great accessory for photos, but some photo shoots require particular colors, and some are better with none at all - especially when representing the "naked" approach of nudism. I've been shooting this Why Nudism? project since last summer, and so I don't want to get caught with a perfect opportunity to do a shoot only to have to remove my nail polish first (as much of a pain that is), and end up with spots here and there that wouldn't come off...

In the week of Valentine's Day alone I had to put on and take off my nail polish several times for various photoshoots (not just the Valentine's Day shoots which called for red polish, but then the ballet shoot which demanded pink to match the tutu), and it was kind of a pain. Still, I've got a lot of nail polish, in some really fantastic colors, so I'm hoping I'll be able to wear it more often in the near future. (Maybe after I finally wrap up this Why Nudism? project, which is in its final stages).