Monday, September 1, 2014

The Last Day of August

I recorded a video with this title three years ago, so maybe I should make this some kind of annual tradition, to do something special on the last day of August, in celebration of the summer nearing its end. I guess that's kind of what people use the Labor Day holiday for, but I've always been kind of independent about inventing my own personal holidays.

I probably say this at least once every year, but my favorite season is summer, and thus it stands to reason that my favorite quarter of the year encompasses the months of June, July, and August. Although summer officially starts toward the end of June, and doesn't end until nearly the end of September, I find that the weather in June is more consistently summery than that of September, plus the anticipation of the coming summer during the last days of spring is a happier time than those days when the autumn looms just over the horizon.

Not to say that I don't enjoy the autumn, because I believe it is a beautiful season all its own. And this is something I've really only been able to fully appreciate after I finished my schooling, since before that the fall was always imbued with the utter dread of the anticipation of the new school year. But now that that's no longer part of my life, I can appreciate the mood of the autumn. The approach to Halloween is a perfect time for watching horror movies - and as a humongous horror fan, that gets me very excited.

So it's really not until the winter blows in, and the days are at their darkest and coldest, and I have to start thinking about (read: dreading) Christmas, and the obligations that come with birthdays in my family (even my own) in the following months, that I start to get depressed. But even though I can appreciate the fall, it's still sad to see the summer reaching its end, as the days begin to grow shorter and cooler, and to me it seems like the last day of August holds a kind of significance.

So yesterday I drove to the nearest lake to go swimming with a friend and some of her family. The weather was mild but very humid, with dark clouds hanging in the sky. It drizzled a little bit, but not enough to spoil the day, and in any case, it's likely that the weather kept others from the lake, since we were the only ones there at what I am assured is usually a popular part of the shore (it was the first time I'd ever been to that particular part of the lake). But though the lake water was very cold, the air was just warm and humid enough to be comfortable, and so we had a good time.

This is the outfit I wore to the lake, over my swimsuit. It's a hot pink swim wrap I bought at Walmart several years ago. I love it so much, I own two of them! It's really quick and easy to slip on or take off, and is really short at the bottom and the top (which I love), but unlike other dresses of its sort, the neck tie helps a little bit in keeping it from falling down. Actually, when I first bought it, I thought it was just a skirt, then was delighted to find out that it was really a dress! (The thing hanging from my nonexistent "cleavage" is my keys, lol).

This is the swimsuit I wore, which is the one I dubbed the "mankini" in my Swimsuit Model post. The great thing about natural parks as opposed to man-made pools (other than the lack of an admission fee), is that they usually have less restrictive rules regarding "community standards". (I speculate this same difference exists between fenced-in nudist resorts vs. nudist beaches, but I've never been to a nudist beach yet to compare).

The pool I go to would probably kick me out if I wore a Speedo (they threaten as much on their rules board), and barring a political protest regarding sexual discrimination (which I considered last year), since girls are allowed to wear the skimpiest of bikinis (so long as they aren't thongs), I don't know what if anything can be done about that (indeed, a lot of people are of the opinion that a business should be allowed to discriminate based on their personal principles).

But there's nothing illegal about a man wearing a Speedo-type swimsuit on public land - in fact, you could arguably get away with wearing a thong, although I'm not sure I'm ready to argue that one with law enforcement - and I'd be surprised if anyone with authority had the gall to tell me to change in this instance. So, damn straight I'm going to exercise my right to personal expression as the citizen of a free country! Though, I still find it utterly depressing that homo sapiens is so neurotic that it won't let its members go nude (a.k.a. "natural") when swimming in such a place...

It's not a very large lake, but it is pretty.

Lol, my skin is totally overexposed against these rocks. It looks like it's glowing! That's my moontan, for you. :p

Basking on the rocks...

Is that a crocodile?!

The water was teeming with small fish, who were not shy. They would swim all around you, nipping at your fingers and your toes and the rest of you. I am told this technique has been used in spas as a sort of exotic massage.

My BFF/roommate, who occasionally doubles as my assistant, took most of these pictures with a cell phone camera. If I had known we'd have the whole beach to ourselves, I might have brought my bigger camera. But you never can know with these things sometimes.

This pose was totally inspired by a Jock Sturges portrait.

And this is me doing my Sports Illustrated impression. :p


  1. Thanks! I enjoyed sharing a bit of your fun at the lake yesterday. And btw, your swim wrap looks hot, especially with that pose.

  2. The photos look good, great light you had there on the last day of august, beautiful colours.
    The first one and number 11 are my favourites.
    You look like you are in great shape, Zharth!

    I could swear I saw some suntan here and there, though...

    We finally have some sunny days after weeks of horrible and cold fall weather, wind and rain, ahhh, what a joy!


  3. A little bit of suntan, maybe. Not too much. ;-p

    Thanks, both of you, for stopping by. :-)

    Here's to a hopefully warm and mild fall!