Monday, August 19, 2019

Why I Wear Swim Briefs

Brief-style swimsuits for men - as exemplified (though not monopolized) by the Speedo brand - are not very popular in the United States (although I hear they're more common in parts of Europe). In fact, they carry a certain stigma that I feel is largely unwarranted, as it seems to extend beyond even men with out of shape bodies "parading" around in them, and is out of proportion with the sort of attention that similarly skimpy swimsuits for women regularly receive, regardless of the age or body type of the women wearing them.

Tyr-brand swim brief

Why do I wear swim briefs? Because I like to wear swim briefs. Why do I like them? Well, let's see...

Reasons I like swim briefs:

* They're comfortable. I'm a nudist, and I'm comfortable in my skin. I like the feeling of not wearing clothes. So, in lieu of being permitted to go skinny dipping, the less I have to wear while swimming, the better.

* They're sexy. As someone who makes an effort to stay in shape, and who understands the appeal of eye candy, wearing swim briefs makes me feel sexy (regardless of how they make you feel).

* They're brief. Compared to shorts (especially the wide-legged, knee-length variety that is currently in vogue), there's less fabric to get in the way while swimming. There's also less fabric that needs to dry after you get out. (Also, fewer visible tan lines!).

tan-through swimwear by Kiniki

* They're more like underwear than clothes. As someone who enjoys swimming at any opportunity, I like that I can wear swim briefs under my clothes and be ready to swim at a moment's notice. They also preserve the action of getting undressed to go swimming, which feels natural to me, as someone who doesn't like to swim in my clothes. If this seems weird, consider that a great many women's swimsuits also resemble underwear.

* On that note, as a person with an unconventional gender identity, I like that swim briefs more closely resemble the style of swimsuits that women often wear, while still being practical for my anatomy. As such, I feel that wearing swim briefs promotes equality of the sexes, holding men's bodies to the same high standards as women's.

* Furthermore, I feel that men have a comparable lack of options when it comes to swimwear. There are plenty of colors and patterns, but hardly any variety in styles, with alternatives very hard to find in stores. Therefore, by exercising my right (where applicable) to wear swim briefs, whether the greater public appreciates it or not, I am exposing them to diversity, and promoting the freedom of choice.

a Speedo original

In conclusion, I think swim briefs are not only comfortable and practical, but also sexy, and wearing them promotes the democratic values of freedom, equality, and diversity that I believe in. That's why I wear them. And why you, even if you don't like wearing them yourself, should support those of us who do.


  1. I adore the tan thru product as well. The one inch racers or half serve my naturist comfort zone on textile beaches and minimize drag in the water on the athletic front. Tan lines are minimized. They are so travel practical as the dry in a such a short time in addition as easily doubling as underwear. I have been traveling to Zipolite, MX for the past several years, a town that hugs the beach and it has been so convenient to carry them along in a small sachel to slip into when heading to textile territory. Having grown up in speedos, I have never gotten into board shorts, or long conventional shorts.

    And there is the joy of having a super-light weight next to your genitals. I have enjoyed wearing the tan-thru sarong and cover-up shorts, my enjoy 90 degree weather in a 'skirt' ready to slip off at any moment. I feel sexy and free in these clothes and could care less about the judgement of others.

    BTW, love your blog and observations...

    1. Thank you for your comment! I definitely like how fast the tan-through suit dries. I don't know that I'm convinced yet how effectively the material actually tans through, but I like it regardless. I have to admit, the way that it's pretty much sheer, yet creates the illusion of an opaque covering when worn, tickles my exhibitionist fancies. I'd definitely be interested in trying one of their wraps or cover-ups as an additional supplement.