Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why Nudism? (Part 6)

I suspect this may be one of the more controversial images in this series, as one of the fundamental tenets of nudism is that it is for every body (with which I do not disagree). But I don't believe that body acceptance is incompatible with the aesthetic principle of beauty. On the one hand, there is the belief that all bodies are beautiful. But that reassurance doesn't sound convincing when it's coming from someone that anyone would acknowledge is beautiful by conventional standards.

Of course, beauty is subjective, and no matter what you look like, there will be people whose preferences don't align with yours. So you may think I am beautiful, but others may disagree, and regardless of what anyone thinks, having confidence in one's own appearance is valuable, however difficult it may be to find (and I can tell you from personal experience that even traditionally beautiful people don't always realize they're beautiful).

I believe that anyone can and should enjoy nudism, no matter what they look like. But I also believe that my body is beautiful, and that beauty is a virtue, therefore I should share that beauty with others (which nudism allows me to do), and not keep it hidden selfishly away (as the textile world compels me to do). That's why I model, and it's also one of the many reasons I practice nudism, even if it's not one that every nudist will share. After all, you only need one reason to be a nudist. Not agreeing with them all isn't a reason not to practice nudism.

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