Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Definition of Feminism

fem-i-nism (noun)

1. An irrational and extreme revulsion to the idea of a man experiencing sexual pleasure.

2. An inability to conceive of the fantastic possibility of a woman experiencing sexual pleasure.

3. Belief in a sexless utopia where women wield all the power and men are treated like objects. (After all, turnabout is fair play).

4. (archaic) Belief in the fundamental equality of the sexes. (Note: though conceptually sound, there is no evidence of this usage in practice).

Reminder: Behind every cynic is a disappointed idealist. I fully support the doctrine of equality for all sexes and genders (among other things) - no matter what you call it (because the substance is more important than the label). But as a sex-positive, I am disgusted by the terrible crimes that are routinely perpetrated against human sexuality in the name of feminism. I've tried to follow some feminist groups in the past, out of a humanistic concern for the plight of women in modern society (what the culture at large insidiously interprets as "how can you not be a feminist?"), but they are, taken as a whole, infected by such an underlying hatred, usually of the sexual impulse (especially the male sexual impulse); and I can't be a part of that. My life and my mental well-being is better off without that incredibly toxic environment.

On a tangentially-related note, shame failed as a repressive tactic when human beings learned to respond to shame triggers with sexual arousal (in a perfect example of "you can't keep a hard cock down").

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