Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring is in the air! The weather's getting nicer, and I'm feeling the desire to go outside. I'm happier, and more energetic than I am during the winter months. The other day, I was feeling so motivated, that on a pure whim, I spontaneously decided to do an extended fashion shoot featuring a wide cross-section of my wardrobe.

So I found a halfway decent place to set up my camera (and this is one of those times when I'm more focused on the modeling than on being a photographer), and I spent hours changing into and out of a large variety of outfits, shooting each one, so I could share them with you. You'll notice that the lighting changed drastically throughout the course of the shoot, as I began with morning sunlight streaming in through the windows, and ended in the afternoon with the kitchen light on.

(I guess that's one disadvantage of shooting in natural light, rather than setting up in a studio where you can control the lighting and keep it constant indefinitely, no matter how long your shoot runs). I started out with more or less normal outfits, and then moved into underwear, swimsuits, costumes, uniforms, and lingerie. The result is something that recalls My Girlfriend's Closet, with shades of my Slumber Party series, but comprehensive to a point nearing my failed Paper Doll experiment from several years ago.

Here are some notes on each of the outfits:

This is my birthday suit. I was born in this outfit, and I like to wear it as much as possible, especially around the house.

I bought this pink dress real cheap (it has a hole in the front of the top layer, but that doesn't bother me). I haven't found a good opportunity to wear it yet (I don't exactly attend dinner parties, or go clubbing, or anything like that), but I'd like to.

The first of many examples of my normal, everyday clothes - shirt, shorts, flip flops. I wear outfits like this all the time during the summer.

This is a variation of the last outfit, but with boots and a jacket. I'd wear this in the spring or fall if it were a little cool and rainy out.

This is a totes cute pair of pink panties I bought at Victoria's Secret, but they're actually a little small for me. I don't often lounge around in just my underwear - since if I can strip that much, I'd prefer to just go all the way (which is the same reason pajamas are pretty much useless to me) - but sometimes when there are guests over I will, if it's a casual enough atmosphere.

This is a pretty common example of my "workout" clothes. Obviously, if I'm at home, I like to exercise like the Greeks did (naked), but if I'm going outside to walk or jog or play sports, this is the sort of thing I'll usually wear.

I bought this pink robe for my Slumber Party Massacre series several years ago, and I've been wearing it regularly ever since. It's cute, and really comfy, and though it's designed to cover up for warmth, the short cut of it is sexy, and shows off my legs (which is one of my best features). It's honestly getting a bit worn out, though, so I'll probably need to replace it soon.

The robe, again. During the colder months, I like to put it on for a little extra warmth. So I wear it a lot during the winter. Usually, though, if there are no guests over, I'll just let it casually hang open a lot of the time.

I bought this tight, pink swimsuit online, but haven't had a chance to wear it out anywhere yet. It's pretty skimpy for a men's swimsuit, and Americans are incredibly uptight about things like that, for some reason. Forget gay marriage, I just want the right to wear a sexy swimsuit to the pool!

Here is another everyday outfit, this time with a hoodie. I'd typically wear something like this in the spring or fall, or perhaps on a cool, summer evening - whenever it's mostly nice out, but maybe just a little bit chilly.

This is another version of my everyday summer wear, but with a stylish tank top, and a different pair of flip flops (that have a slight heel, for elegance :p).

I bought these navy bikini bottoms at my favorite secondhand store, after I tried them on and they fit great. They're so cute! I love the ruffled skirt-like fringe, and the cute little bow. It's too bad I couldn't find a top to match. I haven't had a chance to wear these out anywhere yet, and I'm not sure if I will, since the local pools have rules against men wearing brief-type swimsuits, and, since they are bikini bottoms, a lot of people might confuse me for a topless woman at a glance (I have that problem often enough when wearing men's swimsuits). Maybe to the lake someday.

I absolutely adore this pink string bikini. Which makes it all the more sad that I haven't been able to wear it out anywhere since I bought it several years ago. I have modeled it in pictures many times, though. But the bottoms don't keep me "contained", and the strings aren't strong enough to keep the suit up and counter the strain of my package. It's too bad, because I love string bikinis. I think they're ultra sexy, and I wish I could realistically wear them.

This bath towel set is another outfit I bought for the Slumber Party Massacre. It's cute, but I've never used it except in pictures. Most of the time, when I get out of the shower, I don't need to wrap myself in a towel. And even when I do, this kind of wrap unfortunately doesn't work well for a guy. I don't have the boobs to keep the towel up, and there's not enough constraint on the bottom to keep my swinging package in check. This is one of those cases where the different ways that men and women dress makes practical sense.

I've worn this white dress in pictures once or twice, but haven't found much opportunity to wear it out. It's a bit too nice for just everyday fare, and as I alluded to earlier, I don't attend special functions very often. I wore it to an outdoor Easter egg hunt one year, though.

This green, striped dress is really nice. The color and pattern does a great job of obscuring the bulge of my package, which is a concern for me with every flowy, feminine garment I consider wearing. I've worn it out several times, and it's one of the few things I have that really goes great with my brown heels that I love so much, but rarely get a chance to wear.

This green slip is one of my absolute favorite pieces in all of my wardrobe, and I wear it all the time during the summer. I bought it at a yard sale from a girl doing cartwheels in the yard. I just love clothes that come on and off real easy, and this one you can literally just slip on or off. Plus, the fabric has some weight to it, so I don't feel inappropriately exposed when I wear it.

I bought this pink slip at Walmart many years ago, and I wear it all the time. In fact, I love it so much, I bought a second one! It has the same ease-of-wear advantage as the green slip, but at the same time, the neck tie helps keep it from slipping down, so I don't have to constantly readjust it. And the skirt is almost scandalously short, which is exciting. This is the perfect thing to wear over a swimsuit if you're going to the beach or pool (which I believe is its intended use), or just as something cool and breezy to wear on a hot, summer day.

These are my pink "booty" shorts, as a confused neighbor once described them. I wear them a lot. They're so easy to slip on, and they don't cover up very much, although you do kinda have to wear underwear with them, or else you're liable to slip out the bottom. I wear them whenever it's warm and I have to slip something on real fast, like to answer the door. I've also worn them around the neighborhood and to the park outside my house on occasion, when I'm feeling particularly lazy.

Here is my cheerleader uniform, which I bought for the Slumber Party Massacre series! I have so far not had an opportunity to wear it anywhere other than specifically for pictures on one or two occasions. I think it's cute on me, and I'd like to wear it somewhere, but I'm not actually a cheerleader (I'm not nearly loud or hyper or outgoing enough for that), and there are few places where dressing up like one would make much sense (it's not really scary or nerdy enough to wear on Halloween, or to a convention). I'm still holding out for that perfect opportunity, though.

I think this is a fun juxtaposition - being naked, but having proper shoes on, like as if you're ready to step out of the house. I have actually worn an outfit just like this once and only once for a practical purpose (rather than for the purpose of posing in fetishistic pictures), and that was when I ran in an amateur race at a nudist resort. Come to think of it, this is probably a pretty ideal outfit for streaking!

I found this mermaid outfit in the lingerie section of a secondhand store. I'm not sure of its lingerie potential, but it could definitely be worn as a costume. I haven't found any excuse to wear it yet, though.

Here is the grass skirt I bought for a luau at a nudist resort several years ago. I've never worn it anywhere else (other than for pictures), though I'd like to have the opportunity to do so. It's a fun look, with a tropical feel. You'd have to wear something under it anyplace other than a nudist resort though, because it doesn't hold things in.

I put this mock girl scout uniform together (with help from my friend/roommate/creative assistant) for my Slumber Party Campout shoot, using a white shirt, green shorts, and a homemade sash complete with perverted merit badges. Like the cheerleader uniform, I haven't had any excuse to wear it anywhere. Frankly, I think this is one outfit that could draw some negative attention if I wore it in public...

This black lingerie outfit consists of a corset, panties, fishnet stockings, and stiletto heels (all of which I bought separately). It's a sexy, fetishistic outfit for the bedroom, though you might be surprised to hear that I've actually worn it out in public once. It was to a Rocky Horror screening, unsurprisingly, and I'd totally do it again.

Here is another everyday outfit, more of the type I would wear during the cooler, wetter days in spring or fall, or possibly on the milder days of winter. Most of the outfits in this series skew toward warmer weather wear, since that's the mood I was in, but I wanted at least a few to demonstrate what I wear the rest of the year. I was getting pretty hot, though, especially toward the end of the shoot, and didn't have much patience for putting on a lot of heavy clothing.

This is the same outfit as the last one, minus the coat.

This one piece swimsuit is yet another thing I bought for the Slumber Party Massacre, and another one that I haven't had an opportunity to wear anywhere. It's a pretty sexy garment to wear (in spite of it being the more modest alternative to a bikini). I'd like to have an excuse to wear it somewhere (or maybe a ballet leotard, which is comparable in form), but I don't think it would be very practical. I've got way too much "stuff" going on right where the suit is at its thinnest, and the bulge of my package is extremely noticeable (all the more so if I happen to get excited). I can totally see the fetish potential of putting a swimsuit like this on a guy, but good luck getting away with it in the real world.

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