Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bias & Discrimination

I fully submit that I am biased, and that I have had the opportunity to become accustomed to certain types of materials through years of regular exposure. But if it's a matter of perspective, then why shouldn't I argue the value of one perspective over another? It amazes me that companies (let alone our own government) - that ostensibly serve the public - feel justified in passing moral judgment on works of an erotic nature, and openly discriminate against those whose lifestyles or livelihoods revolve around physical and/or psychological stimulation of a more or less sexual nature. As if we were all still children - not responsible adults - incapable of wielding our own moral agency.

I get that some people - maybe even a lot of people - are offended or disgusted by the sight of these sorts of things, and that's why filters exist. Their utility (or necessity) in society is a separate discussion. But must we go one step further and punish those who engage in these pursuits to the extent that we can single them out? Is it really necessary to stand there and say, "you cannot point willing agents toward this material." Even if you warn them about what they are going to see, and rely on their free choice to click through (or not)? Do we not live in a free society?

Whose imperative is it to dictate the righteousness of asexuality, and under whose authority are they given the power to enforce the sexual purity of our culture? There is nothing evil about sex. It is not a corrupting influence, but a fundamental part of our existence. There are good and bad ways of approaching it (for which reason education is imperative), but it is not a character flaw or a moral weakness to engage in erotic media.

To experience sexual pleasure is healthy. To share it with others is a positive force for society. And there is no reason why profiting from this exchange should be viewed as any less moral than any other exchange of goods or services that our capitalist society wholeheartedly condones. I ask not for society to judge me, but if it insists on doing so, then I deserve an explanation for why getting turned on is equivalent to a vice - comparable to introducing poisonous chemicals into my body, or lying and cheating others, much less engaging in violence. Isn't it the society that does so - that deems pleasure a moral toxin - the one which is truly diseased?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Travel Shots

A couple of shots taken in a hotel while on vacation. Join my fan club to see more!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Nude Recreation Recap

I wanted to go the extra mile for my photo series honoring Nude Recreation Week this year, and that meant stepping outside my comfort zone and leaving the backyard. So for the biking, hiking, swimming, and boating themes, I packed up my stuff, and went out on location, first to the woods, and then to the lake. I picked weekday mornings in the hope that the wilderness would be relatively abandoned - and it was. The best thing about this project was that, in addition to getting some spectacular photographs that I am very excited to share, I was able to not just simulate these activities while posing for pictures, but actually engage in them in what turned out to be two extremely memorable days of outdoor nude recreation.

On the first of these two days, I strapped my bike to the trunk of my car, and drove out into the woods. I picked a location on the grounds of a state park where I knew there was an abandoned parking lot. I walked my bike through the woods to that spot, and got to work. I didn't see a single person at the park all day, except for the one park ranger who nearly caught me. Luckily, he drove up the hill on a very loud vehicle, giving me just enough time to pull on my shorts, and pretend that I was just stopping to have a snack by the side of the lot where I had parked my bike. He stuck around for a bit, working in the nearby pavilion, but I had already got the shots I needed, so I grabbed my bike and headed back into the woods.

After returning my bike to my car, I set out again to get some nude hiking photos. I shot a few on the approach to a trail that runs over the ridge of a hill, along with some short establishing videos, just as a storm was settling in. The park was empty, and I felt sufficiently confident, so I decided to walk part of the trail without putting my clothes back on. And then I proceeded to walk the entire trail - until the point at which it comes down off the ridge - completely naked. It rained throughout the hike, which reassured me that I would be less likely to encounter any other hikers. But it was still warm, so I was perfectly comfortable - indeed more so, without being trapped in wet clothing. And I suspect the rain helped keep the bugs away. It was an absolutely enchanting experience. I wish I could do it more often, and it pains me to think that this sort of thing isn't more accepted in our society. The rain eventually cleared up, and I was able to get a few more photos on a separate trail before packing up, and calling the day a monumental success!

The next day turned out to be just as successful! I didn't know how much privacy I'd be able to find at the lake, but I strapped my kayak to the hood of my car, determined to take my chances. As it turns out, I didn't encounter a single other swimmer on the shore, and there were only a few boaters that pulled into the cove, so that I was able to have plenty of privacy for my photoshoots. I spent a good deal of time shooting in the water by the shore, then rowed over to some large rocks to take more photos. At that point, the cove was empty, and I felt sufficiently confident to stow my clothes away with my bag on the shore, and take my kayak across the lake completely unladen - I didn't even take my sunglasses; there was something almost spiritual about how truly naked I was. As during my hike the previous day, I was in such a state of mind that I was prepared to handle any encounters that might have cropped up, but was lucky enough not to have to.

There was, however, one point during my long trip around the cove that made me a little nervous. I found a large slab of stone sticking out of shallow water around a bend, sheltered in the reeds. It was tranquil, and private, so I shored my kayak and layed out on the rock for a while, feeling completely at one with nature. Then I heard a boat coming into the cove. I was in such a position that I had no fear of the boat spotting me, although if it had opted to lay anchor and stick around, I might have had to row around it without any coverage for my nakedness. However, the boat merely made a circuit of the cove and departed. Still, I became a little bit paranoid that the boater might have stopped and stolen my bag, all the way on the other side of the lake, and started to curse myself that I didn't hide it better.

And that's when a bizarre flight of fancy overtook me. Although I knew in my rational mind that it would be a nightmare if this were to actually occur, some part of me got excited at the thought of my bag being stolen. Not only would it mean that I would have no clothes or even a towel with which to cover myself up - utterly naked as I was - but that I wouldn't have a phone to contact anyone, or even my car keys to get home. Which means that I would in some way have to seek help - either from a passing driver on the road, or a park ranger at some station - approaching a complete stranger naked as the day I was born. Of course, in reality, I would probably be able to find some coverage at that point, even if it meant borrowing another's towel or blanket or clothes, but in my fantasy, I was tickled by the idea of having to stay naked, while navigating my way in public to get home.

I don't know why this thought should excite me. As I said, in reality it would be a nightmare. But something about the situation intrigues me on a psychological level. How much fun would it be to play some kind of virtual reality simulator, where you get to experiment with the effects of going nude in public, without real world repercussions? I know I can't be the only person in the world who would be interested in something like this. Alas, I don't think the technology is up to snuff just yet, and, sadly, I fear that prudish interests would obstruct the development of such a scenario. But one can dream. Anyway, the daydream passed, and I rowed back to my bag and found everything in order. I counted myself very fortunate to have had the opportunities I'd had over these two days, without my luck at any point running out and getting caught, and decided it was time to pack it in and go home. I can't wait, however, till I get the chance to have another experience like these...

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Boating)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is boating - or, in this case, rowing. Let me tell you, taking pictures on a kayak is challenging, because you're drifting around on the water, so it's hard to position yourself - to know where in the frame you're floating, how far you can get from the camera, and what direction you need to be pointed. It's not a form of watercraft that's designed to sit still in one spot while you take pictures. So, composing a good shot was hard. And the sun kept going in and out from behind the clouds, so I would expose for one scene, then get out on the kayak, and the light would change drastically. :-/ Oh well, it was a fun experience, and I was grateful to have enough privacy to perform the photoshoot without interruption (and I really wanted to add this theme to my Nude Recreation Week celebration). It would definitely be worth trying again someday!

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Swimming)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is swimming, and just in time for International Skinny Dip Day! I visited a lake on a weekday morning for a rare opportunity to go skinny dipping out among nature. It was exhilarating! And I didn't have to bother with a swimsuit getting in the way, or taking forever to dry. I only wish I could have shared this experience with other people.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Hiking)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is hiking, and for this theme, I trekked out into the woods on a rainy weekday morning to walk through an enchanted forest nude. The rain kept the bugs at bay (not to mention other hikers off the trail), although it was very muddy. But the forest was quiet - except for the sounds of nature - and I felt like I was alone in the wilderness. Well, alone in the sense of being away from people - I saw two turtles, a wild hare, a deer, and something growled at me from the bushes at one point (I felt glad I was carrying my walking stick!). My nakedness further detached me from the trappings of civilization, and I felt exhilarated from start to finish. I highly recommend the experience; I only wish it were more accepted among society to enjoy nature the way it was intended - au naturel.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Biking)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is biking. You might be hard-pressed to find a suitable location for bicycling in the nude (I chose a secluded park on a cloudy weekday morning) - where you won't be disturbed by excitable passersby. But it's a thrilling activity if you ever do get a chance to try it. I know that the World Naked Bike Ride is a popular phenomenon, and gives you the opportunity to bike nude through crowded streets, but only occurs in select cities. I have yet to attend one, but it's definitely on my bucket list.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Sports)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is sports. I wanted to feature volleyball - as it is a popular nudist pastime, and I have participated in many nude volleyball tournaments - but I did not have enough room in my backyard for a full size volleyball net; and of all the volleyball courts I know of, they are either situated so that there is no chance of going nude, or else they are located in areas where cameras are strictly forbidden. So, you get badminton instead - a great activity for your next backyard barbecue! If you've never played sports in the nude, you're missing out on the freedom of running and jumping about with no clothes to hamper your movement, or to weigh you down when you start to sweat.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Tanning)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is tanning. If you're looking for a more relaxing activity, try this popular nudist pastime. You can even do it in your own backyard! Just be sure to monitor your sun exposure. I prefer to get my tan naturally, engaged in a variety of outdoor activities. But I do enjoy the feel of warm sunshine on my skin, especially after swimming - it's the natural way to dry!

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Nude Recreation Week 2019 (Camping)

This week I'm celebrating Nude Recreation Week, with a week-long series of images featuring different outdoor recreational activities performed nude! Today's theme is camping. Many private nudist resorts offer tent and RV camping, usually with amenities like snack bars and swimming pools, and activities like sports competitions and dance parties. Or, if you're more interested in getting out into the wilderness, you can find a campsite out in the woods at a national park, in a secluded location, and "get back to nature" - the natural way!

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Saturday, July 6, 2019


Here's a mixture of shots all taken on the same day.

Truthfully, I was having some issues with lighting, but I took these shots after stretching in front of a mirror and remarking - between the cropped top and the short shorts - just how much skin was exposed, in spite of being dressed.

Then I went and exercised on the pull-up bar in the garage in a bikini, followed by various stages of undress. :-3

And, as if that weren't enough, I went to the store later that day and tried on some things.

Nothing too remarkable, except this one swimsuit that was really cute and had a space theme.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Severe Slit

A fun (albeit somewhat dangerous) dress to wear without panties. :-3

Just don't get too excited while wearing it. ;-p

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Swimming Equality

I couldn't possibly blame you if you thought I was shameless with regards to skin exposure - I've certainly outgrown the considerable amount of modesty I once had. But the truth is, I do sometimes get self-conscious walking around in skimpy swimsuits in public. Not because I don't enjoy it - after all, I do it because I enjoy it, and I fight for the freedom to do it because I want to be able to enjoy it even more. But because I genuinely don't want to cause any trouble or be a nuisance to anyone. (I'm just willing to do so in the course of standing up for what I believe in strongly).

Yet all it takes to reassure myself that my choice of attire isn't quite so beyond the pale after all is one glance at the way the women around me are dressed, even in perfectly G-rated, family-friendly environments. You could argue that, e.g., string bikinis are "inappropriate" swimwear (and I'm not talking about thongs, here - just regular bikinis), but as long as it is neither criminal nor uncommon for women to wear them, without being eyed suspiciously as potential sexual predators, then it is only fair for men to have the same freedom. #egalitarianism

And for the record, I'm willing to wear a bikini top for the sake of equality - in fact, sometimes I do, depending on the circumstances - until such time as women earn their deserved freedom to go topless in public (after which point we can all get started working on bottom freedom). It's just that, from a purely anatomical perspective, there's not much practical purpose for me to do so. And in certain contexts (e.g., a crowded pool vs. a spread out lake), I fear there would be an even greater outcry over the bulge in my bikini bottom. Which do you think is more scandalous: a man wearing a Speedo, or a man wearing a bikini? At least the former has some historical precedent.

Moreover, wearing a bikini top would increase the confusion (in myself as well as others) when it comes time to decide in which restroom to relieve myself, given how little fabric there is to cover certain rather revealing aspects of my anatomy (as opposed to when I'm fully dressed). As I said, I'm not trying to freak anybody out. I'm just trying to live my life as authentically as I know how, while pursuing the things that make me happy. If everybody else in this ostensibly free country could permit me the liberty to do so, that would be fantastic. You don't have to live the way I do. Just don't try to make me live the way you do. Okay?

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Flaccid in the Morning

As if, right? ;-p

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

New Phone

Just a head's up that I recently got a new iPhone. It's very similar to the last one I've had, but I imagine it's got a better camera, which is important, as I do more and more of my photography with my phone (due to its convenience and portability, compared to my outdated dSLR and its prohibitive costs for upgrades). I remember being excited about the first selfie I took with my last new phone, so I wanted to take something memorable this time, too. And here it is:

Just think of all the great photos and videos I'll be taking with this phone over the next few years!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Your Patronage Is My Desire

I hate advertising, because it feels so manufactured, and I prefer a more authentic exchange - even at the cost of efficacy. One of my recurring complaints about our capitalist culture is that companies are concerned about profit above all other considerations - such as the long-term health of their customers or even the planet. And the fact that popularity - rather than diversity, freedom of choice, and other lofty ideals - dictates availability. That public image is more important than personal character, and the doublespeak corporations engage in, making sure to quote their dedication to free speech in the same breath that they practice censorship.

So I'm just going to be straightforward with you. I've decided to try starting up a Patreon account, because I spend so much time and effort on my photography that I honestly feel I deserve to have some compensation for it. (And being compensated for it would justify spending even more time and effort on it). I don't intend to make a living off of taking nude pictures of myself (although wouldn't that be awesome?), but it would be nice for the energy I put into my art to be recognized in the form of monetary compensation, which could go towards things like getting better camera equipment, affording gas to drive out to more locations more frequently, buying more expensive clothes (in order for me to strip them off :-p), and things like that.

Now, I don't want to punish anyone who's followed me for any portion of the last ten plus years, indulging in the art I've freely given to the community, out of support for the medium and sheer enjoyment of the work. And the truth is, it wouldn't even be possible for me to put everything I produce behind a pay wall, because - to be quite frank - Patreon washes its hands of any kind of pornographic material. Which means that any time I get the urge to photograph my erection, I won't be able to post it anywhere but right here on this blog, as I've been doing for years now. But Patreon does permit nudity of a non-explicitly sexual variety. So I think it's perfectly reasonable for me to reserve a fair portion of my work to be shared with just those dedicated fans of mine who appreciate my work to the point that they are willing to financially support me, even in some small way. It's up to you whether you agree or not, and I perfectly expect you to vote with your wallet.

I'm new to Patreon, so forgive me while I learn the ropes. But there's already exclusive material posted on my account, available for anyone who becomes my patron. And I intend to post much more in the coming months and (hopefully) years. Expect to see a lot of nude art and documentary/behind the scenes videos (depending on how much you pledge), and probably some fashion/glamour shots as well. Images will also, for the first time ever, be available in high resolution (again, dependent on pledge amount). I'm considering and willing to add other benefits in the future, of a more personalized variety, such as fan signs/shout outs, personally signed copies of my book, Why Nudism?, and recommendations for poses/themes/outfits/locations/etc. But before we get to that, I want to get a feel for the platform and communicate with my fans - see what you're interested in.

So, check out my Patreon page, and consider supporting the artist you've followed all these years - I'll have lots of awesome exclusive content for you to enjoy in return. But, don't think this is the end for my blog. You'll still find my raunchiest material here. And, keep an eye out for that photo series I hinted at, which is going to be a week-long celebration of nude recreation!