Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oral Fixation

Chalk this one up to an experiment in clone mischief. And the fact that, ever since I joined deviantART, I've been fascinated with the limits of permitted eroticism on that website. You can't post anything explicitly "pornographic", but a perusal of some of the on-the-edge works that go undeleted is like a crash course in pushing the boundaries, including not a few semi-erect penises, mouths positioned suspiciously close to another person's genitals, and, surprisingly, even a few hands-on demonstrations. By sight, this looks like a failure of the rules to prevent sexual images from surfacing, but in reality, it's a glowing success for the near-magical power of suggestion. If you permit images of genitals, and you permit images of tongues, you can restrict images of tongues on genitals, but that doesn't cover images that happen to contain tongues and genitals, not necessarily in contact with one another. Otherwise, you wouldn't be allowed to post a harmless picture of a naked man sticking his tongue out. You might not like this state of affairs, but I call it a victory for the human imagination.

I had to try one myself. This last one would never be permitted on deviantART, however. God forbid, because a little bit of tumescent tissue makes it a completely different picture, doesn't it? Yeah, right. What kind of puritans are running the show that expressions of physical pleasure are considered an affront to common decency? Miserable penises are fine, but happy ones are unacceptable? Why?

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