Saturday, February 9, 2013

Problematic Desires

There are certain things I fantasize about sometimes that even I will admit are disgusting outside the context of those fantasies. But I have no desire to enact them in real life, nor do I feel ashamed of having those fantasies. It's all part of the complex mechanism of sexual arousal.

In my mind, there are no turn-ons that are "just plain wrong". There are just some with more complications than others. But if you can navigate those complications, then I'm happy for you to be able to experience sexual pleasure. Because pleasure makes the whole world a happier place!

Honestly, I don't understand where people are coming from that makes them think that the pursuit of sexual pleasure is in some way intrinsically related to harm and violence. People can abuse the pursuit of pleasure in a selfish context as a justification for hurting others, but the problem is in the personality that enables one to commit violence against others, not one's mere desire to be sexually satisfied.

Some sexual perverts may be psychopaths, this is true. But plenty of vanilla straights are psychopaths, too. And some sexual perverts are in fact good people. Why make this an issue of sexual perversion, unless your ulterior motive is to push an agenda of sexual morality? The sexually repressed are no less likely to be psychopathic than the sexually liberated.

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