Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Porch Games

I'll never understand those who say that human sexuality can't be a beautiful thing, or that it isn't worthwhile to document. Is a portrait like this different in some fundamental way from a completely nonsexual nudist portrait of "simple nudity"? Sure! I won't deny that. But is this not also worth documenting? How would the world be a brighter place for not having images like these in it? And why must this sort of media be seen to exist only at the expense of some other virtue? The existence of porn doesn't make nudism any less legitimate, or any more sexual. And just because nudism is nonsexual, doesn't mean you have to be asexual to be a nudist, or that appreciating the nonsexual benefits of nudity precludes you from also enjoying its erotic potential. I know it's a muddy, politically-charged atmosphere we're wading through. But if anything, nudity is supposed to symbolize truth, honesty, and transparency. And I could never trust anyone who claims that sex - the guiding force of joy and creation in an otherwise miserable universe prone to destruction - is some kind of pernicious influence on life.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Exhibitionistic Disorder

It feels a bit disjointed to transplant a response from the middle of a conversation outside of the context that generated it, but sometimes I write things that I feel are important even beyond the limited scope of the discussion at hand. And this time, it's about the meaning of the word "exhibitionism". A user on Reddit asked whether it's possible to be a "genuine naturist" and also an exhibitionist. Obviously, since I consider myself to be both, I had to chime in. But the consensus of the discussion was unsurprisingly that nudism and exhibitionism are as incompatible as oil and water. The sticking point, however, was this idea (propagated in particular by a certain poster, who has expressed this position before) that the term "exhibitionism" should be strictly limited to its usage as a medical diagnosis. To which I replied:

You're implying that "exhibitionism" doesn't have any worthwhile use outside of the concept of a deviant pathology. But it does. You can't just eliminate the phenomenon of non-deviant exhibitionism just because it's "normal" and "common" for everyone to like being seen in a sexual context. That's not even true. Some people have sex with the lights out.

Anyway, how do you differentiate between someone who likes to be seen in the bedroom by their spouse, versus someone who gets excited having anonymous strangers making sexual comments on images of their body? The latter is absolutely not a universal experience. Neither is it criminal, though. Nor would I call it deviant, or pathological.

What are we supposed to call these people? What of their identity that helps them to understand this aspect of themselves? I agree that a distinction must be made between healthy people who like to be looked at and criminal deviants. Associating exhibitionism exclusively with criminal behavior is damaging. But we can't just toss this phenomenon to the dogs because it's been tainted by medical literature.

I think the psychological community's approach toward sexual pathology is flawed at best, and history bears out this perspective. As a society, we're simply not good at explaining good sexual attitudes and bad sexual attitudes. Our newfound focus on consent is an important step forward in this respect. It's not about what kind of sex you have - it's whether you're having it with people who also want to be having it.

So, the fact that a confused society has associated the desire to be seen in a sexual context with deviants going around violating others' consent doesn't mean that that's all there is to the story. Unless your fetish is specifically the violation of consent, it can manifest in both consensual and non-consensual forms (and even with non-consent, there is the outlet of fantasy and roleplay). Tell me what it is about becoming sexually aroused from being seen that relies on the violation of consent. It could go that way. But it could go the other way, too. So why focus on one to the exclusion of the other?

Defining the fetish as the pathology is inaccurate and damaging. If you ask me, there should only be one "paraphilia" listed in the DSM, and that is the decidedly non-sexual inability or unwillingness to honor the consent (or lack thereof) of another person (or persons). Whether you do this by means of penetrative intercourse, whips and chains, or tugging your rowboat on the subway is a matter of individual variation. That you prefer one or the other may say a lot about your mental state, but it isn't the thing that determines whether or not your mind is "diseased" or you commit criminal behavior. The purpose of the DSM isn't (or shouldn't be, rather) to moralize about people's sexual perversions.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Tent Erection

Here are a few teaser images from a juicy video that is available to watch on XTube:

Watch it now!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Transgender Pride String Bikini

I suppose it benefits the readers of this blog, but it feels so ridiculous that I have to quarantine an integral subsection of my artistic output just because we live in a moralistic society where nobody wants to be held responsible for aiding and abetting any entrepreneur looking to profit financially from products or services of a sexual nature.

It's not like there isn't an erotic element involved in the appreciation of my non-explicit self-portraiture anyway. I can't even properly advertise my art as "nudist" because I'm not willing to adhere to a strictly limited mode of self-expression that willfully ignores the obvious truth that people find nude images of attractive people sexually stimulating - and that that's perfectly healthy, and there's nothing wrong with it. So I'm stuck in the middle (as I've always been) - neither pure nor vile, and without recourse to the advantages of either approach.

We're deluding ourselves, and imposing such arbitrary restrictions to our own detriment. And I don't want to contribute to that, but there is a level of cooperation you have to begrudgingly meet if you want anything in return from this unfeeling machine that dictates the fates and fortunes (or misfortunes) of the lives of every one of society's members. It's frustrating, and absurd, yet completely in line with the dream logic of a Kafkaesque nightmare.

And yes, I'm the sort of person who would invoke a literary reference to accompany the posting of what is essentially pornography. It's a lonely world in which I reside.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

Beach X-cerpts

I'm a little bit behind schedule - although not quite so severely as I was last year around this time. But it'll be fall in another week, and I'm only just getting around to sifting through the pictures I took during my summer vacation to the beach back in July. These are the more X-rated excerpts - lying in bed in the morning, and admiring my reflection in the bathroom mirror - for your viewing pleasure. I'll be posting shots in all the different swimsuits I wore on my Patreon account over the course of the next week.

Sunday, August 25, 2019