Sunday, September 23, 2018

Backyard Bikini + Garage Workout

I think this has turned out to be the swimsuit of the season for me this year. It's the first time I've actually been able to wear a bikini for swimming, and not just private photoshoots. I just wish I had the full range of fashion options that are available for genetic females.

Garage Workout

It's terrible that I'm doubling up posts now, when I'm supposed to be scrambling to get one post up each day. Well, I guess it's not so terrible - it's one of those problems you have to be really fortunate to have. I like the security of knowing I could keep up posting for well over a month if I stopped taking pictures right now. But I know I won't. And every picture I take just adds to the backlog. So I'm trying to cut back a little bit on the taking, while I work towards catching up on the posting. I suppose the net profit is yours. :-p

Anyway, here's a theme that demands a better treatment. The lighting is very awkward, though, and the background is cluttered.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Chained to a Tree

So, I chained myself to a tree during a rainstorm. I really wish I could have recorded a video through the rain, but that would have been difficult (and not just because I was tied up). I wanted to take some after shots (all wet and dirty), too, but the rain just wouldn't let up enough for me to set my camera back up. Ah well. You'll just have to use your imagination.

It was exhilarating. It rained so hard I got soaked even under the tree. After a while it started to get cold, but those first fifteen minutes or so, when the rain was at its hardest (and so was I)...who knew being chained naked to a tree during a rainstorm - literally exposed to the elements - could be so much fun?

It required a bit of effort - and me standing on my tiptoes - but I actually managed to get my one hand just low enough by hooking my arm around the tree branch to stroke my cock. Suffice to say, it was a blast. I'd do it again, but only during a warm, summer rain.

Friday, September 21, 2018


This is one of those scenes that you might see a lot if you knew me (although I use my tripod more often than not), but that you don't see very much in my photography, for obvious reasons. Under "normal" circumstances, even if the model is posing nude, it's more "professional" for the photographer to remain clothed. But those are textile standards. The rules are a little bit different in a nudist environment. Although, ironically, cameras are about as shunned in nudist contexts as nudity is in textile contexts. That's not going to stop me from mixing them together, though. :-3

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lawnmower Man

I generally like to avoid too much repetition in my photography (although good themes are worth revisiting, and some are just so easy you can't help keeping them around on standby) - but to the extent that a daily photography project has a tendency to document my everyday life, mowing the lawn is an activity that one is bound to do many times over the course of a summer. Anyway, this time I made an animated gif!

And, because some of the corners of my yard are not as secluded as the rest (believe me, I wish I had the freedom not to care), this is what I wore to cover myself up in those sections:

I don't care if my neighbors are scandalized, I just don't want to be criminally culpable - if I can avoid it.

When I was done with the yard work - all hot and sweaty and ready to rinse off with the hose - I figured it would be a good opportunity to demonstrate how my new tan-through swimsuit looks when it's wet. I don't think there's an appreciable difference compared to when it's dry, but you can determine for yourself whether it's any more see-through than a regular wet swimsuit. Certainly, it's not completely transparent.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Locked Out + Garden Pest

I'm a little bit self-conscious at this point of posting a bunch of outdoor shoots in a row (because I have other kinds, too). But here's the thing: I've hit a peak in activity over the past couple months, and I have over a month's worth of blog posts backed up, and I'd really like to get the "summery" ones out of the way before it gets too late in the year. (It's almost the first day of fall!). So you're just gonna have to bear with me, otherwise I'll be posting summer shoots through the end of the year (although the weather has been very erratic this year, with temperatures reaching eighty degrees even in February), and not get a chance to cover any fall or lingering winter themes before this project is over!

Here's another elaborate video project like Laundry Day. I wish these weren't such a chore to put together - I'm a photographer, not a video editor - because it's really a lot of fun to tell a more involved story than you can in a photograph, and it's always exciting to see the finished project. This one's a bit non-linear - I couldn't trace a straight path through my property and get all the shots I wanted to get, so I had to stitch certain sections together - but at this point, it's the concept that counts. And I have to say, the neighborhood did an excellent job of providing some ambient background noise!

And while I was out in the yard, I also took these pictures:

Nearly Exposed

It's like the exhibitionist's version of limbo - how close can you get without hitting the bar?

Garden Pest

As far as voyeurism goes, I know most people these days have a strict "consent only" policy. Call me a villain if you must, but I believe "least harm" is a better rule. Certainly, as long as these things are considered taboo, a pervert's going to have to reach a little bit in pursuit of his happiness. If you want to improve shady behaviors, you have to stop demonizing the desires that lead to them in the first place. Empathetic redirection is superior to an "exterminate the pests" approach.

Anyway, if you manage to get a peek at something, what you do with that view is what matters. If you call the cops and complain (about something harmless like getting dressed in front of a window), then you're being a pest. If you use that information to harm the person in any way - e.g., spreading rumors, damaging their reputation - then you're also being a pest. Certainly, if you're trespassing in any form, then you're not just being a pest, but a criminal, too.

But if you just enjoy the view and then go on your way, there's no harm done. Erotic appreciation is far from the worst thing anyone can do to another person - that belief is symptomatic of a sex-negative perspective, in which sexuality at its base is this violative, corruptive influence, instead of a positive background energy that imbues most of our interactions in life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Finally making good on my boast from eight years ago...

I had to split the video into two to slip it under Blogger's filesize limit. It really started out sunny - I was mowing the lawn when I first heard the thunder. I knew the rain was coming, so I set up this shot. After getting hot and sweaty out in the sun, a summer squall is a welcome refreshment. I was glad when the rain came down hard, but I'm especially happy that I got some thunder in the video!

Monday, September 17, 2018

More-ning Sun (+ Bikini Top)

It's amazing how the light - from the same source (the sun, duh) - can have such a different personality or "flavor profile" at different times of the day.

I haven't had a whole lot of chances to get out and shoot in the morning before noon, so this look has a novel appeal to me. I took advantage of it to do another bikini fashion show, to settle an issue that was on my mind.

The number one problem that prevents me from wearing bikinis (or women's swimsuits in general) in public is the fact that, due to the differences in male and female anatomy, the section that covers the crotch is woefully inadequate at containing my genitalia. As such, I'm often hanging out all over the place, or the fabric of the suit does not stretch far enough to close the gap between it and my body (either along the top, or between the thighs), leading to some potentially indecent exposure.

The new low-rise swim brief I bought this year is an excellent solution because it's designed to securely hold a man's package, but the cut of it is very similar to a woman's bikini bottom, and doesn't have the characteristic "Speedo look", which tends to come up too high on the waist. It doesn't conceal my bulge (although basic black is fairly forgiving), but paired with a bikini top, especially at a glance or from a distance, it may effectively create the illusion that I'm female, as long as nobody's taking a closer look. So it may not be good for, say, a crowded pool, but at the lake, where everybody is spread out, it might prevent (as has happened recently) some confusion as to whether I'm a topless woman, or just a really feminine guy in a "Speedo".

So I tried pairing it with this really cute frilly pink top I picked up (which you've seen it with before), but although I think tube tops are sexy, they don't stay in place very well (probably even more so because I don't really have breasts for them to hug), and they're not the most flattering cut for my shoulders, either. So I was wondering if I had some other bikini top I could wear this swim brief with, and that seemed like an excellent excuse to do a fashion show!

I think I like the black string bikini top the best. I don't know if it'll stay in place any better than the tube top (I've never worn a string bikini for actual swimming), but it's worth a try!

Of course, this is my favorite way to wear a swim brief:

This swim coverup is so cute. It's a thick mesh (so it mostly covers you up, but with a hint of exposure), with a skewed skirt that comes up high enough on one side to show some "bikini cheek", and a slit on the other side for your leg to come through. I've had a hard time taking a picture that does it justice, though.