Saturday, April 11, 2015


At the end of the day yesterday, I came home and got undressed, and started modeling my thong underwear, since they're (obviously) sexy, but I haven't taken many opportunities to photograph them so far. I was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, at night, with the rest of the lights in the apartment off - which actually invokes a number of memories for me (especially Other Joys) - but this time, in particular, I was reminded of one of my very first shots in the Daily Nudes project from 2008 that really got me started on the track of nude photography.

In fact, I think it was my Day 1 photo. I had just started committing myself to regularly taking nude pictures - before then it was something I only did every once in a long while, when the rare impulse took me. I was just beginning my experience of home nudism in earnest then; it was still something I kept mostly secret, and so I had to limit myself to wandering around the house at night when everyone else was asleep, and rarely (and carefully!) slipping outside in the middle of the night.

This picture, which you might say started a landslide (in a good way), wasn't anything serious. I remember thinking that night, as I snuck into the kitchen after the rest of the house got quiet, what it would be like for someone else to stumble upon me there, nude (as I was newly in the habit of doing at the time). So I set up my camera to get a picture of it, and there you have it. Very candid - even documentary-like, you might say. -_^

Seven years later, and look at me now. I've grown a lot, but there are still a lot of things that haven't changed. I'm much more experienced both as a model and a photographer now. And I'm still taking nude self-portraits regularly. Although, I'm much more confident about my nudism, as demonstrated by the differences in pose between these two photographs. I hide it only insomuch as the law and social customs dictate (with maybe just a little bit of wiggle room), and I certainly don't keep it a secret.

Also, on the topic of "daily nudes", when I took the first picture - early in my experience of discovering nudism - I was making a conscious effort to be nude more often (that was actually my New Year's Resolution for 2008). Now, there isn't a day that goes by (and hasn't for years) where I'm not casually nude at some point (and not just in bed or the shower, either). And most days, I spend more time nude than I do dressed.

It's been a hell of a journey, with lots of memories collected along the way. It's been a lot of fun, too. And - perhaps most importantly - I have no intention of letting up anytime soon.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

For once, I actually got my BFF to take a picture of me "in situ", so today you get an Outfit of the Day exactly as it was, out and about, at the store. Obviously, I picked this outfit - with delight - because it looks quite like I'm wearing nothing at all underneath my jacket. There aren't a whole lot of opportunities when the weather's mild enough (during the day) for me to wear a really skimpy outfit, but cool enough (at night) to throw on my jacket. In this case, I was wearing the shortest shorts I own, which are definitely shorter than my jacket. And, by serendipitous coincidence, the shirt I was wearing was low cut enough that you could only just barely see it peeking through the neckline of my jacket. In lieu of "real", covered shoes, the flip flops, of course, add to the overall effect of barely wearing anything at all.

Much as I hate to dispel the illusion, this shot I took back home reveals the perfectly decent (or at least legal) outfit I was wearing under the jacket. Although it's not strictly within the rules, this would be a fine outfit to wear on No Pants Day, which is coming up soon, on the first Friday in May. It's so hard to gather up the courage to actually go around town in your underwear, with no pants on for coverage. Especially when you're the only one who celebrates it within a 100 mile radius (or more), and so instead of being a participant in a goofy tradition, you're more likely to be viewed as a total eccentric or, worse yet, a complete pervert. (Not that there's anything wrong with being a pervert, but there can be repercussions from advertising that fact in public, depending on the social environment).

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Male Nude Torso

(Because erections are a completely normal and regular occurrence for healthy males).

This would be another good example to file under the heading of "fine art erotica". But I'd also like to use it to talk about the conceptual difference between color and black and white photography. Obviously, choosing whether to shoot in color or black and white (or, in modern terms, whether or not to apply a black and white filter) depends on the artist's subjective judgment. Though there is a presumption among some (a group which may include professionals and amateurs alike) that black and white photography is more "artistic", it is undeniable that great artistic works have been accomplished in both black and white and color, so either choice is legitimate.

Black and white may have certain artistic advantages over color, by emphasizing (for example) things like lines and shadows, but it's not as though color is devoid of artistic potential. Try telling that to a color painter. And while in the past it may have been true that black and white photography possessed an air of sophistication due to it generally not having as much appeal to the amateur snapshot non-artist (I'm speculating here), in this day and age when anyone can quickly and easily apply a black and white filter to a bad shot and call it "art", I am - as a fan of color photography - wary of the mindset that presumes a shot's artistic value based on such superficial attributes as whether it is mono- or polychromatic.

In any case, some shots do legitimately look better (more artistic, aesthetically speaking) in color, while others look better in black and white. Sometimes - and this is not terribly uncommon - I come across shots that look pretty good either way. And generally I like to err on the side of color; although I am certainly not above creating black and white art, and I think there are times when it is definitely called for. But this particular example emphasizes one of the reasons I like color photography so much.

The black and white shot is, dare I say, more artistic. But the color shot has something that the black and white shot doesn't have. And it may not be strictly an artistic quality, but since what I'm producing is not pure art, but erotic art (which, I guess by some standards would preclude it from being designated as "fine" art, although it's no less fine), it is a quality that I find valuable. And that is: the color photograph looks more real, and less abstracted from the real world as the black and white shot is.

In particular, the color of the skin really brings the shot alive, as if to say to the viewer, this is not some abstract object constructed in the mind of an artist; this is a real, live, breathing thing - it's a person that is really naked, and is really hard, and isn't that pretty exciting? So I think that either of these shots could be preferable depending on your perspective - whether you're more inclined toward artistic value or erotic value, and so I couldn't say that either one is objectively better than the other.

Here I provide a closeup photograph of my [flaccid] penis, in profile. Generally, penises don't interest me all that much from an aesthetic point of view (although they do carry strong potential for sexual symbolism). By and large, I generally think they're gross, and unappealing to look at. I have, nevertheless, been told that I have a particularly attractive penis (by whatever standards these things are judged), and I can certainly understand how its standup ability to rise to the occasion could inspire awe and excitement in an interested viewer.

However, I do not present it here so much as an object to be admired (although it is, of course, available for that purpose to those who'd like to do so). I wouldn't present it at all if I didn't think the image had any aesthetic/compositional appeal - surely there are enough poor quality "dick pics" on the internet already. I present it, rather, as something of a challenge to the taboo against depictions of the male genitalia, which is probably in part inspired by the general lack of aesthetic appeal of the organ, and exacerbated by all those poor quality dick pics that probably don't do the subject justice.

I suppose you could say that I'm posting this picture (and the occasional other ones like it that I've taken and shared in the past), to, in a sense, "exonerate" the organ, but mainly just to challenge the taboo. It may be in society's best interest to discourage non-artistically-minded horny males from posting blurry snapshots of their dicks to the internet, but it is definitely not in society's best interest to discourage serious artists from depicting and exploring this subject in their art. And if it's the case that you have to put up with the bad in order to allow the good, well, that's just the principle of free speech right there. So you can consider it a political statement. Dick pics for free speech!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

This kinda seems a little redundant after my Wardrobe shoot, but hey, it's still fun to do.

You can see here, for the first time, my new purse! I really liked my old pink purse, but the strap broke recently, and so I had to find a new one. It's just as well - I really like my new purse, and it actually works a little better for me in a practical sense. It's from Selena Gomez's Dream Out Loud line, and it has the word "Love" on the front in shiny, silver letters. So, still very cute and girly!

And here's a bathroom selfie, just for fun:

For once I actually remembered to wipe the mirror clean before taking pictures in it! I had this funny idea that I could print out little notes with tips on how to improve bathroom selfies, and then stick them in mirrors in women's public restrooms all over town. But I don't know what other sort of tips I'd include...

What about something like this -

Public Service Announcement:
For better bathroom selfies, please remember to...
* wipe the mirror clean
* disable your camera's flash
* remove your clothes
* hold the camera steady
* arch your back and suck in your gut
* avoid duck lips and peace signs

Anyway, a lot of people disparage bathroom selfies, but I think they're awesome. (Bonus points if you show some skin!). And if too many of them are amateurish and poor in quality, that doesn't mean they should be abolished, that just means people could use some tips to make them better! Exploiting human nature is more profitable than fighting it. -_^

Monday, April 6, 2015

Gender Gap

In the erotic modeling business, it's not unheard of for women to be as much as 10,000 times as popular as men. That means that men must work 10,000 times as hard (and usually must be willing to go further - e.g., explicit rather than suggestive nudes, hardcore rather than softcore porn) for a much smaller fanbase, which usually consists of an overwhelming majority of gay men in favor of straight women. Therefore, going on the assumption that most people are straight (which I think is probably accurate), for most men, unlike women, erotic modeling involves catering to an audience whose gender is not even the one they're predominantly attracted to! Oh, how much easier it would be if I were a woman. Now that's what I call a feminist issue.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Direct Morning Sunlight

Here are a few more:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wardrobe Outtakes

Just a few sexy/funny outtakes from my Wardrobe set: