Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Table Nude

It should come as no surprise to you that I like to delay getting dressed after a shower. It's no fun putting clothes on a damp body. So sometimes I'll show up to the dinner table naked.

After all, nudity when seated with your "tail" between your legs is pretty innocuous, not like standing with full frontal on display, or walking around swinging your "club". Furthermore, I have exceptionally long hair, and although it isn't capable of "clothing" me to as sufficient an extent as I might sometimes imagine, it does provide some coverage. I wanted to see just how much, so I took these pictures.

Turns out, I wasn't covered quite as much as I had imagined (I mean, you can't really see anything, but you can tell that I'm naked). Oh well.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dick Pics

If dick pics have a bad reputation (and they certainly do), it's not because there's anything wrong with them. Like erotic media in general, much of it is produced without taste or skill - but it is my mission to prove that though this is the norm, it is not, however, inevitable.

Which is not to say that any of these pictures belong in a museum (necessarily). But my goal is to produce interesting pictures, and as an erotic artist, I think the male genitalia is at least interesting. Certainly, some penises are more photogenic than others, and it matters how they're posed.

Aside from the crassness of a genital closeup, the main strike against the reputation of dick pics is that they are, like a flasher in a trench coat, presumed to be shared with unsuspecting and non-consenting strangers. I make no defense of this behavior.

The statement that "nobody likes dick pics", however, is flat out incorrect. I know this from personal experience. The people who do like dick pics may not be the women who disproportionately get them - they may, rather, be more statistically likely to be gay men - but the fact remains that there is an audience for them, and that means there is a place for them in this world.

If you want to argue where that place is, and propose methods of keeping them where they belong, then I'll not only support you in that endeavor, but I'll even go so far as to join you. I like to be part of these discussions, and I think they need to be conducted among representatives of all sides. (After all, isn't that the founding principle of democracy?).

But there is very little under the stars that can be dismissed outright, and that sort of dismissive attitude (the antithesis of patience and tolerance) I find very unappealing.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sun Caller

I appreciate the irony in these images - that I'm holding an icon of the sun, yet it's raining. You can actually see the rain drops if you look closely!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Continuing Adventures in Pink Panties

Would it be weird if I said that, somehow, I feel more naked wearing this skimpy underwear than if I were completely naked? Maybe it's because, as a nudist, I've internalized nudity in my mind as a perfectly appropriate (and non-sexually suggestive) outfit to be worn even in social gatherings (under the right conditions). But even among nudists, you don't often see people in their underwear - that is a garment specifically designed to be covered up, and not generally shown to other people (except, again, in sexual situations, and even then usually only for a short period of time before they come off).

Are there such things as underwearists? Maybe I'd feel differently if I shot a lot of underwear portraits or lingerie models... I guess it's just the perfect boundary between nudity and being dressed - the very presence of an article of clothing covering the usual bits (not altogether unlike what you would see on a public beach) tricks your mind into contextualizing the scene as one in which people are dressed, yet the sheer skimpiness of the underwear leaves very little (indeed, almost nothing) to the imagination. So even though you would see more if the figure were naked, your brain would immediately contextualize it as "a naked situation", but with the underwear, you feel like you're seeing something you're not supposed to be seeing.

Although, there will always be those who say that a little bit isn't enough - certainly there is still the excitement of full exposure. After all, you can't indulge in the joy of exposure without, you know, exposing something. Indeed, the tease of it may go a long way in explaining the allure of partial exposure.

I suppose a non-nudist would feel the same way about complete nudity - and I imagine that's what a lot of people mean when they say they don't want to "get used" to seeing nudity. But even with that realization, I still wouldn't give up the comforts and pleasures of a nudist lifestyle, among them the ability to appreciate, on occasion, the aesthetic virtues of a beautiful body unclothed and - not through a digital screen, but - in the flesh, as it were. ;-3

Can you drive my stick?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Pink Room

I took these shots after I moved in August of last year. I didn't share them at the time because I wasn't ready to show off my room just yet. But by now you've seen it many times. The walls were done before I inherited the room, but I took advantage of the opportunity to deck it out in pinks and purples and princesses and faeries and mermaids. Now it's my sanctuary. I can come in here and feel like I'm getting to have the girlhood I never had growing up, because I had just assumed, like everyone else, that because of my anatomy, I was a boy. Well, now I'm fixing that mistake.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018