Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Day In The Life (Illustrated)

As a self-portrait artist, I have inevitably developed an acute awareness of my appearance that acts almost like a fifth sense, a kind of third eye that hovers about me, always judging my visual presentation and alerting me when a potentially good picture presents itself, so that I may grab for my camera and try to capture it - if possible - before the moment is gone. This feeds into my narcissism and my exhibitionism, as I am constantly conscious of how I am putting myself on display (even in an empty room) - but for better or worse, this brings the privilege of being able to capture some pretty awesome pictures from time to time - which, as a photographer, is pretty much my goal in life.

So the other morning, before I had even become fully awake, I had pushed the covers off of my body, and with my morning erection and my body arched against the bed - the covers haphazardly pushed off of me in that oh-so-sexy way - I recognized the opportunity for an intimately erotic picture. I grabbed my camera, and began to snap away. And then it hit me - I could do a photo project where I took snaps of myself throughout the day, engaged in whatever it is I do on a random day, as a sort of illustrated 'day in the life' of zharth! I thought it was an excellent idea, and so I proceeded to take some 458 shots with my cell phone camera (the majority of them blurry or off-angle alternates of the keepers) throughout the course of the day. I will now share the best of them with you.

7am - rise and shine

checking my email (and flickr views!)

8am - breakfast

at the computer again
(where I spend most of my time)

10am - dressing for a jog
(gotta stay in shape!)

light exercise

11am - busywork
(doing preparations for a photo project)

12pm - making lunch

1pm - sweeping the floor

2pm - looking at porn
(one of the biggest perks of being an erotic artist -_^)

sitting on the toilet

3pm - guitar practice

4pm - in the shower

my hair is at its prettiest just out of the shower

5pm - dressed (reluctantly) to go out

checking my reflection

driving 'round town

7pm - bringing home dinner

back at home

 8pm - stripping

9pm - getting ready for bed

10pm - exhaustion

It's really surprising to me that I didn't get any pictures of me washing dishes. It's because I ended up having takeout for dinner. Usually I spend lots of time standing in front of the sink after dinner. Another thing I do frequently that I didn't do on this day was go shopping. But you can see pics of that elsewhere.

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  1. Super amazing series!
    Good job to get so many great photos in one day.
    Still agreeIng with about all you write.
    Don't worry, agreeing with people is not exactly a hobby of mine!
    See you!