Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Strategy for Revolution

Sexual liberation is less about opening your legs, than it is about opening your mind.

Attitude must be changed along with activity, for a revolution to be successful. You can't go out and practice a sexually liberated lifestyle while still clinging on to your old moral values and internalized sexual shame and not expect to run into a conflict. Many try this, and claim the presence of conflict proves that liberation is unfeasible. (See: the sexual revolution of the '60s, and the ensuing backlash). But how can you expect to liberate your body when you haven't liberated your mind? And between the two, it's much harder to change one's mind. Posting a nude picture on the internet is, mechanically speaking, a simple task. Training your mind to ignore a lifetime of conditioning that compels you to feel ashamed for posting that picture is MUCH more difficult. However, it is possible, and the result can be magnificent. Yet even then, if the rest of the world hasn't changed, the pressure to revert (and conform) to old norms can be immense. It's peer pressure, pure and simple.

Liberation is worth it, even if it's not easy. But it has to be done fully, not superficially. You can't just liberate your behavior, you have to liberate your thoughts and feelings, too. Don't be discouraged by those (and there are many) who have done a half-assed job of seeking liberation, only to fail and then count that failure as evidence of what they'd wanted to believe all along - that the easy path of leaving things the way they are is the best thing. They are wrong. True change takes consistent and considerable effort. But don't be afraid to change the world. The result will be nothing short of amazing.

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