Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sports Fun

It's true, sports are fun! Although I didn't realize that until I was a full-grown adult. There's just too much judgment and pressure in school, especially when the jocks are lumped together with the freaks and the geeks, with hormones raging, competing for attention and social status...

After being rescued from the roof, I noticed that this orange flying disc was the perfect size to cover up my torso, giving me the illusion* of being naked. What fun!

*Normally, I would actually be naked, but in this case I wasn't (I had a swimsuit on). And despite what I've said in the past about girls who take suggestive shots like this and make sure to put a disclaimer that they only appear to be naked (in order to preserve their reputation - sad though it is that they feel the need to do this), this time I actually think it's pretty neat that I'm not really naked - it makes the illusion that much more impressive!

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