Thursday, December 14, 2017

Showering At The Beach

Another outtake from last summer before we dive into something more seasonal. How often do you get the opportunity to set up a camera in a public shower facility? They're usually either too public (and you don't want to risk giving anyone the impression that you're trying to violate their privacy - to paraphrase the Marquis de Sade, I'm a pervert, not a criminal), or there's nowhere to put the camera.

It's just too bad I have to rely on such poor production values (and it's awfully hard to shower when one of your hands is occupied with keeping the water flowing). I enjoy showering in the (semi-)open air, and I think it's a fruitful subject for a visual documentary - all that skin, wetness, and rubbing... It's a shame we live in such a prudish society.

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