Sunday, September 24, 2017

Why Nudism? (Parts 4 & 5)

The next two images in this series both deal with a similar theme - the discomfort of wearing sweaty clothing - one as the result of temperature, and the other exercise. In the first case, stripping down when you're hot makes no less sense than bundling up when you're cold. People tend to wear clothes that bare a lot of skin in the summer, and for good reason. If it weren't for the nudity taboo, I'd expect to see a lot more naked people during the warmer months - at parks and pools, and in their homes. Is some vague notion of "modesty" more important than your personal comfort? Or avoiding heat stroke? There's no excuse for covering up when it's ninety degrees out. You might even save a few bucks on your electric bill! And don't try to tell me you've never coped with a broken air conditioner by foregoing the daily routine of getting dressed.

Have you seen workout clothes? They tend to look a lot like underwear - tight, and skimpy. Inevitably, exercise has the tendency to warm us up, even when the ambient temperature is cool. And your body needs proper ventilation. I might have to concede - especially to women with large chests - that having proper support for one's "dangly bits" is a valid concern. But, to be honest, I've yet to try an activity where, having become accustomed to the feeling of my penis flopping around, it has caused any real issues beyond the vigorous motion and contact resulting in temporary partial engorgement. Of course, some activities require safety gear, but beyond that, there's nothing stopping you from, say, going for a bike ride wearing a helmet and maybe knee pads - but nothing else. No sweaty clothes to deal with, and less laundry to do later. And when you're done, you can just hop in the shower to rinse off!

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