Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Motel Moments

I don't get motel room windows. There's just one thick curtain, and no blinds. No hope of frosted glass, either. So it's all or nothing. You can't let the sunshine in in the morning without completely sacrificing your privacy. I may be an exhibitionist, but I don't want just anyone walking by to peek in on my business. It would make me feel too self-conscious, like I was in a zoo exhibit or something. The only exception would be if I were naked or engaged in sexual activity, because then there'd be some excitement in it for me, too. And I know you're thinking, "it's a motel, it's a hotbed for illicit activities!" But not out in the open. This isn't the red-light district. God forbid some old lady with her grandchildren in tow should walk by on the way from church on a Sunday morning, only to be greeted with a live demonstration of anal insertion. "Gammy, what are they doing?" "Well, kids, when two men love each other very much..." For better or worse, that's something that could land you in serious trouble. (I mean, wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world where people could approach this sort of thing without blowing a gasket? In keeping with the zoo metaphor - like when animals do it. It's just a fact of life. You can turn away if you find it distasteful, but nobody's throwing the animals in prison for "public indecency"). So the blinds are there for you to open them when you don't want to, but not when you do. It doesn't make any sense. It's stupid.

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