Thursday, August 25, 2016

Scenes From A Motel Room Shower

The lighting is very iffy in these shots - very dim. Plus, you've got these long, straight lines of the shower which, like doors and door frames, just get distorted by the lens and made to look curved. Plus, I'm shooting at an awkward angle (through the doorway), so straightening the image out also becomes a problem. Altogether, it's a bit of a photographic nightmare for me, despite being what I thought was an exciting subject. But, you don't know until you try!

I forgot to flip the camera back on its side for these last two shots. I was dripping wet, and not even wearing my glasses. This is one of those times when having someone else be your photographer would be very helpful - and reason why I don't take more spontaneous-ish shots like this. When I pick up a camera, I can't just shoot what I see, I have to construct a portrait - for better or worse, and whether I like it or not.

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