Thursday, July 21, 2016

Better Bathroom Selfies

This is an extension of a previous idea I've had. People criticize "bathroom selfies" - even more than they do selfies in general. Obviously, I'm pro-selfie. And even more, pro-bathroom selfie. Especially those exciting bathroom selfies that show some skin. Fuck modesty. If you've got it, flaunt it, and show it to the rest of the world! The only bad thing about bathroom selfies is the poor quality of so many of them. But the solution to that isn't less bathroom selfies, it's more education! In my mind, the only just punishment for teens caught sexting is a crash course in basic photography skills. Toward that end, I have half a mind to print out friendly tip cards and leave them propped up against mirrors in public restrooms across the area. They might look like this:

5 Steps to Better Bathroom Selfies:
1. Wipe the mirror clean.
2. Disable your camera's flash.
3. Show some skin! (Optional)
4. Hold the camera steady.
5. Skip the duck lips - just smile!

The skin thing is optional just because I don't want people to feel pressured, like they're being evaluated. I want them to feel comfortable about taking bathroom selfies, and then, once they get into the mood, they'll be more likely to want to have fun with it. I also took out the detailed modeling tips, because again, I don't want people to think this is something that only super-attractive professional models do. Once a person is in the mindset of improving their bathroom selfie game, chances are, they'll figure out their own best angles.

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