Saturday, January 2, 2016

Try This On For Size (New Years Edition)

If not for the coat, I'd be channeling a little bit of an early No Pants Day in this outfit - except on the top and bottom! There's an idea - Underwear Day, in which everybody goes about their daily lives in their underwear. Hey, it's not that far removed from Pajama Day! (I've never been able to properly participate in Pajama Day, however - since I sleep in the nude).

Trying on some more swimsuits - because that's always fun. I put together this black ensemble on the left, and it actually looks really good on me. The bottom is a skirt-suit. It's not as skimpy as I like, but it does a better job of hiding my bulge than the one on the right, as much as I like that other style. One of the problems with me wearing bikini bottoms like these that aren't designed for a man's "hardware" is that, with the fabric stretched over my bulge, it doesn't fit snug against my body. It's too bad our society isn't as forgiving of "side-ball" cleavage as it is of side-boob cleavage. Otherwise I would totally wear a suit like this to the pool (even without a top), and look fantastic doing it. Call me a nutcase if you like, but a world where I (and others) would be permitted to do that is honestly the one I want to live in.

And I think I've found myself a new robe, to replace the ratty old one I've had for several years now! It's not quite as short as I'd like, but apparently, they're hard to find in that super-flirty length. Of course, I had to try it on like I would wear it at home - with nothing on underneath!

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