Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Storm

I consider getting caught in a thunderstorm to be a rite of passage for the summer. Some people are afraid of thunderstorms - I'm not. They invigorate me. So I'm not daunted when I'm out getting exercise and a storm moves in. I think it's thrilling. And there are times when it's more inconvenient to be getting wet - if I've been exercising in the summer heat, I'm likely to be covered with sweat anyway. And minimally dressed (although not as minimally as would be ideal).

It would have been nice to frolic in the rain naked, but at least the car windows fogged up enough to offer me some privacy. Perhaps if I had not been alone, I might have been inspired to engage in some "illicit activity". That's what life is all about, after all. What better way to spend a stormy summer afternoon? As it was, I took advantage of the situation to snap some rare pics with my cell phone.


  1. Mmmm, thanks for the new (nude) pics. Very nice. I'm glad the thunderstorm caught you and inspired a series of pics.

    Photo 1 looks exciting. Nice hard cock pointing skyward – perhaps a bit of lightning rod action going on there, lol. I also like the flexed muscles in your arm. Mmmm. Nice Cape Cod shape overall. I'd like to be able to feel up and squeeze your biceps – of course, I'd enjoy touching most of your muscles, and a few bones, too, lol.

    Did your face come out that dark in the photo because of the lighting in the thunderstorm? Adds a touch of mystery.

    I like the skin tones in photo 2. Also, I like the shape of the thigh where it meets the knee. That concavity there is quite appealing – it certainly draws one's eyes.

    Photo 3 reminds me of some of your early pics when you were just 18 or so, and a bit shy about showing everything.

    Another nice shot of your hard cock in photo 4. I like how the lighting brings out the contours of the tip of your cock, which looks beautiful atop your solid shaft. I also like the close up look at the skin on your leg.

    What were you wearing before you got totally nude for the pics?

    Did anyone walk near your car, or show any signs of interest as you took selfies? I was taking similar selfies in my car earlier this summer (though without window fogging) and a guy I hadn't noticed before some distance away seemed to know just what was going on. He started nodding and motioning toward me, and I got spooked and took off, lol. I would have enjoyed having him take pics of me if I had known him.

  2. Nope, no visitors. The lot was empty during the storm. I wouldn't have been so daring otherwise.

    I was wearing my black jogging shorts, no shirt - so, pretty easy to slip on and off, although with my body being slick and wet from the rain, there was a lot of friction against my skin.

    The same principles as regards lighting apply here as when you're indoors shooting against a daylit window. You can tell the one shot where I have the camera angled downward, away from the window (shot 3), everything appears brighter, because the camera is exposing for the interior of the car. The other shots are darker because I've got more of the bright window in the picture, which caused the camera to underexpose - especially for the parts of my body facing away from the window.

  3. Thanks, I thought that was probably the case, but you never know these days. I thought you might have done some "electronic dodging" or something like that to enhance the effect.

    By the way, does your phone cam have the option of spot metering?

    Also, I've seen so many people these days with a "selfie stick" to use while taking selfies, especially at tourist attractions. Have you thought about getting one of these? It might give you more flexibility in taking some shots, I don't know.

  4. My cell phone camera is really primitive - in fact, it's an outdated cell phone model. (Smartphones are cool, but they're data hogs. I canceled my service and just use it as a portable, wireless internet terminal around the house). On the other hand, I've really gotten to like the way my cell phone camera works. It's effortless, and I'm generally happy with the picture quality (aesthetically speaking, obviously it's not high res).

    Yeah, I've heard about selfie sticks, and even seen some of them in stores. Never seen somebody use one, though. They seem kinda goofy - like, I've never had much use for a monopod, either. I guess it might be helpful to have one, although I wonder how well you could keep the camera steady at the end of a pole like that. I'm probably just being old-fashioned, but I can't say that I'm in a hurry to try one out.

  5. Yeah, I know, I'm not looking to get one either, lol. It's funny, though, how popular they've become just recently. A couple weeks ago I went to a popular tourist attraction nearby, and I was really surprised how many people were using selfie sticks. It seemed like every time I turned around there was another person or a group using one. I have no idea what the results are like photographically, but it sure seemed like some kind of popularity critical mass had been crossed.

    I also wanted to mention that I just saw your Bathroom Light photo on DeviantArt. Cool shots. The smoothness of your light skin and the contours of your body are quite striking. I particularly like the omphalic dimple in the front picture, and the twin dimples above your ass cheeks in the back picture. Overall, I don't think I've ever seen your body looking more beautiful than it does here. And the cool whiteness of your skin makes me think you could be the next model for Ivory soap, lol.