Friday, April 10, 2015

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

For once, I actually got my BFF to take a picture of me "in situ", so today you get an Outfit of the Day exactly as it was, out and about, at the store. Obviously, I picked this outfit - with delight - because it looks quite like I'm wearing nothing at all underneath my jacket. There aren't a whole lot of opportunities when the weather's mild enough (during the day) for me to wear a really skimpy outfit, but cool enough (at night) to throw on my jacket. In this case, I was wearing the shortest shorts I own, which are definitely shorter than my jacket. And, by serendipitous coincidence, the shirt I was wearing was low cut enough that you could only just barely see it peeking through the neckline of my jacket. In lieu of "real", covered shoes, the flip flops, of course, add to the overall effect of barely wearing anything at all.

Much as I hate to dispel the illusion, this shot I took back home reveals the perfectly decent (or at least legal) outfit I was wearing under the jacket. Although it's not strictly within the rules, this would be a fine outfit to wear on No Pants Day, which is coming up soon, on the first Friday in May. It's so hard to gather up the courage to actually go around town in your underwear, with no pants on for coverage. Especially when you're the only one who celebrates it within a 100 mile radius (or more), and so instead of being a participant in a goofy tradition, you're more likely to be viewed as a total eccentric or, worse yet, a complete pervert. (Not that there's anything wrong with being a pervert, but there can be repercussions from advertising that fact in public, depending on the social environment).

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