Saturday, February 14, 2015

Strings Attached

Happy Valentine's Day!

The advertising and greeting card industries want you to believe that Valentine's Day is for lovers. But don't be fooled. You don't have to be romantically involved to enjoy Valentine's Day. This day is a celebration of all things erotic. And what's more life-affirming than that? So if you can't be with someone you love, love yourself instead. There's a worldwide web of porn out there just waiting to be discovered. -_^

(I'd just like to say, whoever decided that string could be worn as clothing was a genius!)


  1. Nice to see a new (nude, well almost) picture of you. I always enjoy that.

    I like your string "garment," and the fact that it coordinates well with your nail polish. Of course, it begs the question, "What does it look like from the front?" Inquiring minds want to know, lol.

    I love the "motion" in your pose, your long blonde hair, the placement of your right hand. I think your legs are particularly attractive in this shot, and your ass seems just right – nice and full and very "grabbable," lol.

    Have you ever worn this garment outdoors, to the beach, the pool, etc?

  2. "What does it look like from the front?"

    Lol, I *knew* that question was going to be asked! I have three good reasons why I didn't take a picture from the front, though:

    1) What I'm wearing in this picture is actually some Christmas-themed lingerie that I bought on clearance for a dollar. I liked how universally neutral it looked from the back - like a plain, red, thong bikini. A picture from the front, on the other hand, would reveal just how out of season it is.

    2) The front of this lingerie actually looks pretty ridiculous. There's way too much white fluff. The back view was definitely the winner.

    3) Women's thongs are woefully inadequate at holding in a man's package (see here: I suppose there may be some demand for pictures of men "hanging out" of the things they're wearing, but I decided that it just didn't look very good in this case.

    So rest assured, you're not missing much of value. ;-p

    I'd love to wear a thong bikini like this out somewhere, but first I'd have to find one that's designed to keep a man "contained" (and garments like that are hard to find in America, if not the rest of the world, too). And then I'd have to find someplace to wear it that wouldn't get me kicked out (i.e., probably a beach rather than a pool which has lots of rules and "community standards"). I definitely want to, but I haven't found the right opportunity - yet!

  3. Thanks for the response. How interesting – Christmas-themed string lingerie. What will they think of next? Now they just need to make one designed for the male anatomy.

    Still, no complaints here. The photo of you from behind is truly beautiful. I'm glad you bought this lingerie – you made good use of it, and you have a beautiful body that is well suited to stringwear.

    Did you match your nail polish (fingers and toes, I think) to the strings, or is that just a favorite color of yours? It looks nice.

  4. The color match was intentional, but more a function of the proximity to Valentine's Day. If I have a favorite color, it's probably hot pink. ^_^