Sunday, January 18, 2015

Outfit of the Day (Reprise)

A couple months ago I posted an outfit of the day that consisted solely of me wearing a heavy winter jacket (and boots) - with nothing at all underneath - to the mall. I did not, at the time, get a picture of what was underneath, but I have finally rectified that oversight. I've worn that outfit several times over the winter, and probably will again before the spring comes to thaw everything out. Obviously, I can't wear it if I'm planning to, say, sit down at a restaurant and take my jacket off (!), but just for driving around in the car and walking through stores, it's perfectly sufficient (and no more revealing than outfits other people wear all the time - especially during the summer).

Much as I would have liked to have torn my jacket open and taken a picture in front of the mirror in the middle of the store, the fact that I may be a sexual "deviant" does not mean I am oblivious to the concerns of social propriety, and whatever thrill the public exposure might give me, it would, honestly, pale in comparison to the terror of potentially offending someone severely, and the repercussions of such an act. Therefore, there are not a lot of places where I can safely document what I am (not) wearing underneath my coat. One of those places is the fitting room. Another is the rest room, as you can see here:


  1. You're right, I do like your new post! Very much. Thanks.

    I like how the coat looks on you in the photo on the left. The nice tight waist line on it really looks quite dashing. I like it very much.

    Of course, I love the more revealing photo on the right. Beautiful body. Incredible, really.

    How did you take these pics? Did you bring a tripod, or is your phone sitting on a counter top or something? Doesn't matter, just curious.

    I like the idea of you driving around in your car dressed like this. If fact, I can relate to it because I've done similar things myself. I remember one time driving home and suddenly having the crazy idea that I was going to take off every single stitch of clothes and drive the rest of the way nude. It was fun, and brings a smile to my lips even now.

    If you're driving around in just your coat and boots again, maybe you could take a quick shot in your car like the ones above – wrapped and unwrapped. Just a thought. It's always exciting to drive like that, lol!

  2. Actually, that's a real good question. Especially with the cell phone I have, it doesn't even have a screw-in for a tripod, so I've always had trouble trying to prop it up to take pictures with the self-timer (although I suppose I should be grateful that it at least *has* a self-timer!). But I've learned a trick where I can stick it in the outer pocket of my purse, and it stands up pretty well on its own. So I did that, and set the purse on the counter next to the sink for these pictures. It worked like a charm!

    I will see if I can get some pictures in the car next time the opportunity comes up.

  3. Oh, thanks. That's interesting. You know, I was going to mention that I didn't see your cute pink purse in the photos, so I probably should have made the connection, lol.

    Sounds like a cool "feature" of your purse – maybe purse manufacturers should think about that and include a "phone pocket" just for that purpose. It makes me think of car manufacturers taking so long to realize that a cup holder would be a good idea, when they could have included one all along.

    Thanks again for your description of the technique.

  4. I saw the movie "Her" last night, and it made me think about our conversation on this post. As you probably know, the film is about a futuristic AI operating system and the relationship that develops between it and a single guy, including a bit of cybersex.

    During the movie the guy puts his phone in his shirt pocket, positioned with its camera looking out on the world so the AI system can see everything he sees. The point is, if you put the phone in a shirt pocket – like the ones we have today – the phone goes down too far and the camera can't see out. In his pocket, though, the camera had a clear view. I thought maybe in the future people have thought about things like this and started to make shirts with pockets designed for this type of purpose – instead of designed to hold pens, etc. But I also noticed there was something metallic on his pocket. In a closer shot it turned out he had put a safety pin through the lower part of his pocket to prevent the phone from going down too far and blocking the camera. So even on the future, with fantastic AI operating systems, we still have to jury-rig ways to get a good view with a phone's camera. He didn't use a pocket on a purse, though, lol, or even a "Clever Grip."

  5. What, you mean he didn't have Google Glass? Lol! I feel like people have a lot of anxiety about "voyeurism" and people recording strangers in public. Which is extremely ironic, given how much of the range of the modern world is covered by security cameras. But it would be nice if, in the future, people got over that irrational fear.

    Anyway, that's a movie I'd like to see. The premise kind of reminds me of Chobits, where a guy falls in love with an AI, but she has the body of a beautiful girl (Chii, whom I've cosplayed several times).

  6. Yeah, you're right, where were the Google Glasses?!? What kind of future is it that, lol?

    Thanks for the mention of Chobits. I wasn't aware of this, but it sounds quite interesting. I remember seeing you doing cosplay as Chii, but I hadn't known the backstory about the character.

    I think you make a great real life Chii! You're so cute, and so sexy at the same time! For example, you look incredibly pretty in this photo:

    I have to admit that, even though you're a male and I'm a male (who's never done anything gay), I find myself very attracted to you in this photo. I'd love it if you were smiling up at me.

    I also find this picture very attractive:

    Wow. You're so beautiful, it's hard to believe you're real, and not just an artist's creation.

    I love this photo, too.

    Wonderful long hair, fantastic smooth legs extending from your sexy shirt. I'd love to wake you up, get you some more sunshine, and have you be my persocom.

    Thanks for reminding about these pics.

  7. If all goes according to plan, I'll be cosplaying Chii again in April of this year - this time in the much anticipated "bandage outfit" (ex: That depends on me being able to get the outfit to work, though. Fingers crossed!

  8. Interesting outfit – I like it. I hope you can make it work out! I look forward to seeing more of your cosplay in April – you do it so well.