Saturday, November 15, 2014

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

Winter is here. We're halfway through November, and the first snow has been spotted. That means it's time to break out the winter coat!

As a nudist, one of the most annoying things about going out is having to get dressed. And if you're just running out to pick up a pizza, or take care of a few quick errands, it seems kind of wasteful to pick out a whole outfit that nobody's going to see under your coat anyway.

And this winter coat - it's pretty warm, and provides full neck-to-knee coverage. So I decided not to wear anything underneath it. The boots cover up enough of my legs that it doesn't seem like I'm dangerously exposed to the elements - I could just be wearing a skirt under that coat (which I sometimes do).

Interestingly - and I say this for the benefit of anyone who might think there's something wrong or illegal about what I was wearing - this coat covers up as much - and, indeed, in many cases more - as many perfectly normal and acceptable outfits that people wear (think about revealing summer clothes, and thin dresses that people sometimes even wear without underwear). As long as I'm not opening my coat and flashing people (and I didn't), there ain't nothing wrong with it.

On the other hand, being covered only by a thick overcoat and not form-fitting, restrictive garments, I had the feeling of being more naked than I usually am when I'm walking through the mall, surrounded by people. It was like a weird juxtaposition of being at the mall, and being at a nudist resort, except that everyone else is clothed. It was fun!


  1. Very nice. I bet it was fun. I would have loved to go shopping with you. It would have been fun to interact with you in public all evening knowing you were nude just under your coat.

    Your bare legs look very cute between your boots and coat, and I like how your coat cinches up around your slender waist. Of course, your pink purse adds a nice touch of color that I find very appealing.

    Now, we just need a picture of you in a dressing room or other safe place (safe for both you and the shockable public, lol) opening your coat to verify what is and isn't underneath. That would be fun, too.

    Did you go to a movie while you were at the mall? That would have been a good outfit to wear if you were going to do your bucket list item of getting a blow job during a movie, lol.

    I went to the mall yesterday and stopped in to see Interstellar. I was surprised how crowded it was, and I had to sit next to a guy I didn't know – it was perhaps a little too crowded to pull off your blow job, :–). Anyway, the guy next to me was there with his girlfriend, but still there were several times during the movie when he rubbed his leg against mine – and I rubbed back. Very innocent and subtle, but it made me hard anyway and was a lot of fun in addition to the action onscreen.

  2. Yeah, I would have liked to have gotten a dressing room or restroom picture, but the opportunity did not arise. Maybe next time. -_^

    I saw Interstellar last weekend (great movie!). I wasn't wearing this coat, but I was wearing a skirt with no panties on. That outfit actually (ironically) provided easier access than this bulky winter coat, but no, I didn't get any blowjobs, lol.

  3. I'm glad to hear you went to Interstellar and liked it. I would have loved to see it with you, and to go out for a snack afterward and talk about it.

    I agree with you that it's a great sci-fi movie. I really enjoy a movie that's serious about the science, and I loved the visuals as well, like the spherical portal to the wormhole. And I was surprised to suddenly see Matt Damon – I had no idea he was in this movie, lol.

    I would have especially enjoyed going to the movie with you now that I know you were wearing a skirt with no panties!! Wow. That's so cooool, lol! What skirt was it? I'd love to see a picture of what you looked like as you were viewing the movie. I wonder if it was similar to one of your pics I remember from a long time ago where you wore a schoolgirl skirt, sat at a desk with an apple for the teacher, and under the desk we could see your spread legs and beautiful hard cock. Too bad you didn't get a blowjob, but an outfit like that would lend itself naturally to a nice subtle handjob throughout the movie. Oh my. Why can't I sit next to someone like you at the movie!!!

    Was it also exciting for you to walk around in the movie theater with nothing on under your skirt, feeling your cock swing back and forth as you walked? I can imagine that would be quite an experience as well. Was someone with you? Did they know how you were dressed?

  4. I remember that picture - Teacher's Pet:

    It didn't look quite like that (lol) since I didn't have a desk to hide under. Normally, I'm wary of wearing a skirt without panties only because the flopping has a tendency to give myself away, and if I happen to get hard (which is not unheard of), there's no disguising it! But it was cool enough to wear my jacket over top (the lighter one), which acted as a good cover, so I didn't feel uncomfortably exposed.

    At the same time, it's nice to have the fresh air rushing up under the skirt. Just like with the heavy coat, it reminds me of being at a nudist resort, even though you're otherwise dressed, because you're out and about and around other people but you don't have the tight restriction around your "private" area that usually comes with being dressed. If I were a biological female, I'd skip the panties a lot more often.

    I went to the movie with my partner, but she actually didn't know that I was without panties. I mentioned it to her on the way out of the theater and she was shocked! She also said I should have told her sooner, and of course, now I wish I had. (Although the movie was very enjoyable even without "distraction"). It was definitely too crowded for a blowjob, but a handjob might have been doable. I'm kind of nervous about that, though, because I don't want to offend anyone or get in trouble.

  5. Thanks for the link to the picture. I remember it so well – it's such an exciting photo in so many ways.

    First, I love your long blonde hair. It's so pretty. It looks wonderful as it falls onto your shoulders. I also like your offer of the "forbidden fruit," which is so appropriate given the "mixed signals" in this photo. Then, of course, your spread legs are incredible as they project out from under your short skirt. Wow! I've never seen your legs look sexier than they do here. I love the shape of your thighs, the shape of your your calves, your ankles, and your cute feet in flip flops. The straight male in me would love to feel and stroke your legs all over (in fact, you got me hard now just thinking about it!).

    And then, of course, there's your beautiful hard cock and balls at the center of attention. So, even though I'm very attracted to your feminine qualities, I don't think the fact that you're a male and have a hard cock should negate that. Though the vast majority of men have no appeal for me, you are the exception that proves the rule, so to speak, and I don't have a problem being excited about everything about your body. Again, I really love this picture and how it makes me react.

    I wonder what skirt you wore to the movie. Was it one you've shown us in other photos?

    It's cool that your partner said she wished you had told her about being without panties sooner. That's so nice. I agree that the movie was entertaining enough by itself, but if your partner was playing in a subtle way with your "joystick," that would have been nice too, lol. I agree completely though that you wouldn't want to offend anyone, and I would never want you to get in any trouble.

  6. It was a pretty simple, short, black, pleated skirt I was wearing. I don't think I've ever worn it in a picture, but it's pretty similar to the skirt I'm wearing in this picture, just all black and without the sparkly Hello Kitty designs:

  7. Ah,very nice. You do look very pretty, cute, and hot! in a skirt like that. Thanks for sharing the link with me. I would love to see you at my local movie theater! I'd be doing a double take for sure, lol.

    I like to go freeballing myself now and then, but only in shorts so far, not in a skirt (I don't have your body or I probably would, lol.) But then I could wear a kilt. Hmm, I just might have to try that.

    Anyway, the time I remember the best was when I took my girlfriend out sailing in college. After awhile she noticed I was sans undies and, being mischievous, she reached up under my shorts and stroked my hard, hard cock. Her cool fingers felt so good, enhancing the stimulation. A few moments later she says, "Oh my, your cock looks so beautiful." I looked down and she had pulled it out in plain view. I honestly hadn't known she had done that, I thought my cock was still safely hidden, but now it got a little harder and longer, if that was possible. Being out in such a open area like that, with my cock as hard as possible in plain view with her playing with it was incredible. Every now and then another boat would pass near us and she would laugh and say, "I better put this away." She would then put my cock under wraps, still holding on to it though, and wave to the people. As they went past us she would take my cock out again and play with it some more. We did that all afternoon and on the way back to my apartment in the car. What a memorable day!

    On a different topic (lol), I wanted to mention something else to you about Interstellar. I think one of the reasons it was so good is that physicist Kip Thorne was executive producer, which I'm sure is why one of the robots was named Kipp. You may have read his book "Black Holes & Time Warps" – I know you have quite an interest in science – but if not I recommend it highly. It is very well written, and gives a great overview of general relativity in non mathematical terms. I've actually read it a couple times myself, as a companion to the more technical books I like to read on the subject.

  8. Yes, I'm sure it helped that they had a real physicist involved with the movie. I don't think I've read that book; I might have to give it a look. I got kinda burned out on physics after college, but I think I'm getting to a point where I'm starting to miss it. I do remember studying general relativity in college, and though I struggled a bit with it (as with everything else - not easy stuff, lol), I always thought that working with different spacetime geometries was fascinating.

    Another thing I miss is boating, which I haven't done since I was a child. I feel like there's more freedom out on the water, and so if I did have an opportunity to go boating again, there would probably be a lot of skinny dipping and taking pictures on/from the boat, and probably some sex out on the open water, too, if at all possible. -_^

  9. Yes, boating is a wonderful experience in many ways. I like that you can be outdoors, in wide open spaces, while at the same time far enough away from others to have complete privacy. It's pretty much an open invitation for some nude sunbathing, as well as sex, lol. In fact, I discovered while having sex on my sailboat that it goes in nice little circles when left unattended. Cool feature.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Kip Thorne and going to dinner with him and a group of friends several years ago. This was around the time he was getting LIGO up and running. I'm still anxiously awaiting reports of the first detection of a gravity wave! I think Kip will be a candidate for a Nobel Prize when that happens.

  10. Wow, you actually met Kip Thorne, and had dinner with him? That's awesome!

  11. Thanks. Yes, it was fun. Of course, I also get to interact with you, and I think that's pretty cool!

  12. You flatter me!

    But it takes a particular sort of person to be able to engage me in productive conversation, so you should give yourself a pat on the back for that. :-p