Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Erection Day

My observance of this all-American holiday is admittedly spotty (I last celebrated on this blog three years ago), but I always consider it a creative challenge to find ways to photograph an erection that is artistic and (relatively speaking) tasteful.

So-called "dick pics" are pretty much the bane of the internet, and consist mostly in not necessarily attractive men wanting to "show off" their goods to unsuspecting strangers (usually attractive women) for some sort of illicit sexual thrill (or validation, or who knows what other reasons).

And that really represents the worst kind of exhibitionism - the sort that thrives on vulgarity and the violation of others' consent, and gives a bad name to the rest of us decent people who simply enjoy looking and being looked at.

But the fact that 95% of the world's sexually explicit media is crass has never stopped me from trying to prove that human sexuality can be depicted in a way that is refined and, dare I say it, beautiful.

And as a sex-positive individual, I view the erect phallus as a celebratory symbol of sexual arousal, rather than a threatening symbol of male dominance and intimidation.

But you don't have to be male to celebrate Erection Day - clitoral erections may be decidedly more understated than the penile analog, but they are every bit as important to the world's collective sexual satisfaction.

So, on this, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, I invite you to celebrate sexual arousal in whatever responsible and uplifting ways you know how. If that involves showing off your genitals in an aroused state, then have at it - but remember the difference between celebrating your erection, and shoving it in unsuspecting people's faces.

If you're not comfortable showing yourself off to the world in that way, then certainly, you can wear your erection proudly underneath your clothes today. It'll put you in a happier mood, and chances are, nobody will suspect a thing! Although spreading the word about this exciting holiday is good, too. -_^


  1. Oh my!! I'm ready to pull the voting lever! In fact, with a voting machine like this I'd be tempted to vote early and often.

    I love this comment of yours:

    "I view the erect phallus as a celebratory symbol of sexual arousal … "

    I agree completely. Your hard cock is sooo beautiful that's it's hard to believe it's real. But it is! Fantastic photo of a beautiful erection for erection day.

    The lighting and soft focus on your body puts me in mind of a snow-covered landscape in the morning light, with hills and swales smoothly transitioning from one to the other, and with a unique vertical projection that is a force of nature in its own right. Amazing composition. I love it.

  2. A force of nature, indeed! -_^