Monday, August 11, 2014

Outfit of the Day (#ootd)

One of the things I like most about the summer is that it's hot enough that you can just throw something on and go outside - you don't have to wear a jacket or dress in layers, which I don't like for two reasons - a) I'm a nudist and clothes are kind of uncomfortable, and b) I'm an exhibitionist and I like to wear things that are skimpy and show off lots of skin.

And women definitely have the advantage when it comes to clothing that you can just throw on and be street legal. A man could pull on a pair of shorts and be good to go outside, but without a shirt (and shoes, but women have to wear shoes, too) he won't be allowed in a store or a restaurant or what have you. And once you add the shirt, now you've got two pieces, and it's starting to get more complicated. Men don't really have the equivalent of a "dress" that you can just slip on.

Although, as I have proven, it's possible for a man to co-opt the clothing of the female. I really like this one slogan I learned from a friend on deviantART (who found it on tumblr): "they're not women's clothes, they're MY clothes." Which is true, because when I started "cross-dressing", I felt really uncomfortable shopping in the women's section. But gradually, I just got used to it and I realized, I'm not a spy sneaking into enemy territory, this has become my part of the store to shop in (much more so than the men's section)!

But one thing women can do with relative ease that I'm still jealous of is wear a skirt (or dress) without panties. I think that sounds like an awful lot of fun, but due to the external nature of the male genitalia (and in particular its tendency to grow and stand erect), that's really not practical for a man. And also, even with something keeping the "gear" under wraps, there's often still the issue of an unsightly (depending on your opinion, I guess) bulge, which is why it helps to look for dresses with a certain cut or certain details - like ruffles - to help hide that area. Enter today's outfit:

I found this dress at Gabe's (actually my BFF picked it out - she always finds the best pieces for me), and it just looked so fantastic on me that I had to buy it, despite it costing more than a few bucks (if I told you how much it actually cost, you'd think I was a total cheapie :p). I like short dresses that don't cover too much up top or below (indeed, a dress that looks short enough on the rack that you're not sure if it's supposed to be a dress or just a shirt tickles me pink). It's a very pretty shade of jade that reminds me of Girl Scout green, and the cups are rounded and very lightly padded so that it makes me look like I have more boobs than I really have - which helps when trying to "pass".

The flip flops I got at Walmart (they're easy to find) have a low heel to them, which enhances their elegance and femininity. I like them a lot - they're actually the second pair I got after I had worn my first pair out. Together with the cute vinyl purse (which is another thing my BFF found for me), the outfit is composed of my two favorite colors - green (which was my favorite color before I became a girl) and pink (which I love because of its association with girls).


  1. You look very nice in this outfit, and if I passed you on the street I would be spellbound. I would especially have a hard time tearing my eyes away from you legs, especially if you stood in that pose.

    Have you gone out in public in this outfit? If so, where, and what reactions do you get?

  2. Thanks! Yes, I have been out in public in this outfit a few times already. I've mostly worn it out and about to the store.

    Although I'm not always sure how other people are reacting to me when they keep it to themselves and I'm focused on whatever I'm doing, I do often notice people staring at me in public, and my BFF frequently notices it also. Of course, being a little paranoid, I'm never sure if they're just spellbound by my beauty, or if they're confused because they can't tell if I'm a man or a woman, or if they're disturbed by the sight of a man dressed like a woman.

    I can't know without asking them, although I do often get treated as a woman - waiters and store clerks address me as a lady; I am regularly shuffled to the women's dressing rooms to try on clothes; and I'm sure that at least some men (and women), whether they know my true sex or not, are checking me out (or evaluating me as a rival for men's attention, in probably a lot of the women's cases).

  3. Very interesting! Thanks for the reply.

    I know if I saw you in a store I'd be "stealing looks," trying not to be too obvious about it, enjoying a lovely human body that's not all wrapped up but with a lot of beautiful skin on display.

    If you don't mind, I'll share a little fantasy that occurred to me as I looked at your pic. I imagined going to a movie with you, and this is the outfit you wore. I'm wearing shorts and flip flops. During the movie our legs would rub together now and then, which I know I would enjoy very much, but I'm not sure if you would. If you seemed to like it, I would be tempted to rest my hand on your thigh, but again I don't know if I would actually be that bold in real life – I would probably just imagine the feel of your leg and leave it at that, lol. I know it would be hard to resist the temptation to touch legs as beautiful as yours, but propriety would demand it I suppose. Oh well, thanks for indulging me.

  4. It's always a struggle for me, when I see someone attractive out and about (and it happens all the time). I have to juggle wanting to get an eyeful with not wanting to make that person feel uncomfortable. And striking the perfect balance is never easy, since I always seem to want more. As a photographer, I'd love to have the confidence to walk up to someone and ask them if they'd like to do some modeling for me, but with all the feminist paranoia going around, I feel like that would be an unwise approach.

    On the flip side, I dress largely to impress myself, knowing that the things I wear are the sorts of things I like to see others wearing in public. As such, I'm happy to let people get an eyeful, but at the same time, I can't help getting uncomfortable if somebody is staring me down. Though part of that is the concern that they're not just staring at me because they think I'm beautiful, but because they think I'm weird, or they have some kind of problem with the way I dress myself or something. Maybe if there were more tolerance and less criticism for people who dress to show off their bodies, that would be less of a problem. I don't know. I guess if they actually said something to me or made some indication that they approved, it would reduce some of the tension, but then you have to worry about not being "creepy" and coming on too strong. It's a minefield...

    Just between you and me (and the rest of the internet, lol), I'd secretly like to get a blowjob in a movie theater someday. Granted, I'd want it to be from someone particular, that I know and am attracted to, but still. It's on my sexual bucket list. -_^

  5. Mmmmm, that does sound like fun. Once at a Fellini film festival on campus I took my girlfriend. We were both particularly horny that day, and I had my arm around her shoulders, and was reaching down into her blouse. As I played with her tits, she unzipped me and let my hard cock out to breath, lol. As we sat there and she gave me a wonderful handjob all through the movie. Good was it was nice dark theater, lol.