Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let Desire Point The Way

No April Fools pranks here. Just the erotic art you've come to expect.

And I did up the first image in rainbow colors, just for fun.


  1. Beautiful erotic art, as always. Thanks.

    I love the pic of you standing with your hard cock arcing upward. A wonderful photo, and so arousing too because you can't fake a hard cock like that – it's exciting to me to know that you were sexually aroused when you took the pic.

    The pics of you at the computer are great too. I like all the skin in the first one, and the spread legs in the second one. I'm a straight guy, but I like to see a guy looking at porn and getting hard. I guess partly because I like to be watched too, and would love to have someone get excited by watching me as I played with myself.

  2. As soon as I looked at that first pic on my camera's screen, I knew it was a keeper! It's so commanding, and direct - without even a full face to distract your attention - and yet at the same time I think the lighting is subtle, and it's artistically composed. So, definitely an example of what I was talking about in the "Fine Art Erotica" post.

    I think there's definitely something about naked (people) sitting at computers, or pleasuring themselves to porn. For perverts like you and me (I imagine), it's very relatable, and creates an instant connection between the model and the audience. But you're definitely right about the voyeur/exhibitionist angle, too. I mean, just think of all those webcam models who masturbate in front of their computers while others watch via webcam!

  3. That's interesting about the first picture, that it came out of the camera like that. I never would have guessed. I thought you cropped and composed it later on the computer.

    I agree with you that it's a keeper – as you say, commanding and direct. I like the flow of the landscape of your body, from your chest to your stomach and onto your legs, and I especially like the erotic frisson I get from your hard cock projecting outward and upward like that.

    Yes, I can certainly relate to those pics of you naked in front of your computer. And I agree with your comments about the webcams. I have to admit I've masturbated for others that way a few times, and got a definite goosebump thrill from it, but more often I view others and provide encouraging comments. I enjoy giving them the kind of feedback I know I would like to receive.

  4. I kind of regret that I'm not more outgoing. Otherwise, I might do the realtime webcam thing more often (or at all, really). And hell, it's probably one of the better ways to make money online in the sex industry.