Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Freedom vs. The Nanny State

The Nanny State

Here, let me show you
how to live your life, honey.
I respect your choice, even if it is
not the one I would make for myself.

This ad sends out an
unhealthy message, let's
remove it from public view.
Let's trust people to come to
their own conclusions, and teach
our children to be critical thinkers.
This work is offensive.
People shouldn't be allowed
to make works like this.
This work offends me,
so I will avoid it. But others
may indulge in it if they like.
That outfit is distasteful,
you shouldn't be allowed
to wear it in public.
I don't like your style, but
you're free to express yourself
that way if you want to.
This substance is dangerous.
It should be prohibited.
We should educate people about
the dangers of this substance,
but what an individual chooses to put
in their own body is their business.
That practice is immoral,
it should be criminalized!
I wouldn't choose to engage
in that practice, but I will let
others decide for themselves.
(violation of consent)

(freedom of choice)

Good intentions do not absolve the nanny from arrogantly and self-righteously sticking her nose into other people's affairs.

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