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Planning A Slumber Party (Massacre) - Part 6: Slumber Party Massacre

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The Slumber Party Massacre project originally grew from the simple idea of doing a sequel to my Slumber Party clone shot, which I had a lot of fun with, and was received well. A number of weeks or months after I had taken that shot, I started thinking about all the outfits I had used, and the different sorts of pajamas I could feature in a second slumber party shot. So I pitched the idea to my Idea Consultant, and we brainstormed. First we decided on moving the slumber party into the living room, for variety, and then the subject of watching a horror movie came up - a great activity for a sleepover! It just so happens that I had recently watched The Slumber Party Massacre (classic slasher canon, highly recommended, and to which this entire project is dedicated), and so we came upon the inspired idea of adding a previous character from my photography to the slumber party to liven up the shot.

Alternate shot

The easiest outfit was the airhead's, who is nothing but a stripped and molested corpse. After that, there's the killer, wearing nothing but a ski mask and a hard-on. Then we have the athlete, who is decked out in a totally cute pink nightshirt. That nightshirt was one of the original outfits that inspired this project. I also wanted to have one girl in a fluffy pink robe and slippers - this turned out to be the perfect outfit for the beauty queen, who wore a lighter robe for the first slumber party. Finding just the right robe and slippers combo turned out to be a massive challenge, but with help from my Wardrobe Assistant, we found just what I had been looking for at the last minute. Though the slippers turned out to actually be fluffy flip flops, they were too cute to pass up.

Alternate shot - the killer is spotted!

The one other outfit I was determined to use was a bath towel. What's sexier than a girl straight from the shower, wearing only a towel, and presumably nothing underneath? It certainly fits the style of the sex pot, who likes to wear as little as possible. After all, she lounged around in just her underwear at the last slumber party. One other idea I had for her was to put her in some sexy lingerie. The other girls may be a tad too innocent for that, but I wouldn't put it past the sex pot. But this time, the towel won out. Maybe I'll save that idea for the next shot (which is going to have to be a prequel!).

Just for fun - smile for the camera!

Now let's go behind the scenes of the shoot. Credit goes to my assistant, Willow, for recording the following videos. Watch as I transform into each of the characters for the shoot.

First, we have the sex pot, straight from the shower:

Then the beauty queen, comfy in her pink robe:

Followed by the airhead, whose role in the shot is simply to lie on the floor naked, playing dead, with her feet sticking out of the shadows:

Now I change into the athlete's cute nightshirt, and then strike some poses:

All that's left now is the killer. Watch as my fluffer enthusiastically does her job while I get into character:

And now, properly prepared, he gets into position:

And our final footage, as the killer awkwardly tries to control the camera from just outside its range...

Fun(?) trivia: The first time I planned this shoot, it fell depressingly through, and I had to reschedule for a couple weeks later. Nevertheless, I did get one [out-of-character] setup shot from that trumped up shoot - you've seen it on my photostream here! I love its candid quality.

And now here's one last treat for you: a setup shot from the second night, when I actually got the shots I needed. Usually, when I do a clone shot, I'll do a preliminary run, where I take a shot with me in each of the spots one of my clones will occupy - real quick, and out of costume - just to make sure the positioning will work out. I put those shots together for this neat out-of-character clone shot!

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  1. Well done but thought something shooting would have made a great finale,,,not a serious complaint.