Thursday, May 12, 2011

Planning A Slumber Party (Massacre) - Part 5: Smoking In The Boys' Room

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This was the very first shot I attempted (and completed) in the SPM series, all the way back in January. During the first Slumber Party, the sex pot's erotic proclivities were introduced, but here we get to see them in action. Presumably, she has snuck out of class to engage in some more stimulating lessons in a stall of the nearest boys' room. While I ideally would have loved to have shot this in an actual public restroom (pretty much impossible for me), this toilet turned out to be about as good a substitute as I could want. The important thing is that I was able to put the killer just on the other side of the stall wall, listening in on the action intently.

As for the other two clones, the naughty schoolgirl and her boy toy, getting them into position was a real challenge. Firstly, it's difficult to figure out where and how to stand in relation to the other clone, when the other clone isn't standing there at the same time; and secondly, my photoshopping skills are not so great, so I wanted to minimize the amount of overlap or direct contact between the clones, while trying to make it not look obvious. And after all, the closer the two clones could get, the hotter the resulting image would be. In the end, I think I managed to do a pretty decent job despite my concerns. Take a look at these other shots I got:

I like the feeling of anticipation in this first shot.

In these two shots (above and below), you see some really convincing contact between the girl's hand and the boy's cock. I was really excited at how these came out.

Now you've got the girl on her knees, ready for action. I think these two shots are not quite as good as the one I chose for the main shot, shown up at the top of this post.

Fun trivia: In that top shot, if you look at the boy, you can see that he's not looking at the girl (like he should be), but straight ahead, presumably at the wall of the stall. Instead of thinking about the clone when I took that shot, I made the mistake of staring at my reflection in a mirror that's actually hanging right there on that wall, out of sight of the camera. Oops!

More fun trivia: This photo, which I like a lot, and turned out to be rather popular, was an outtake from the same shoot that produced the above shots. I went back a few days later and recorded a short video of me fooling around with a similar theme, but swapping the innocent flip flops for a pair of sultry heels (at the suggestion of my Wardrobe Assistant):

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