Monday, May 2, 2011

Planning A Slumber Party (Massacre) - Part 2: Cheer Practice

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After I had settled on the idea of shooting a Slumber Party Massacre (more on that later in the week), I was discussing with my Idea Consultant the possibility of doing some supporting shots in addition to the slumber party itself. The first, and most obvious, idea was to do a different shot depicting each of the girls' gruesome deaths. But, as fun as that would have been, I am not a horror photographer, but an erotic photographer, and I thought it would be a better match to my style to do a series of shots leading up to the slumber party in which the killer-to-be is seen spying on each of the girls in their natural habitats. After all, as a big fan of horror movies, I frequently see the equation balanced in favor of violence over sex, when I would rather see more sex and less violence. So if I was going to make my own Slumber Party Massacre, I figured I'd make it as sexy as possible!

So in this shot you see the airhead in her cheerleader uniform, practicing her moves in front of the mirror, while the killer surreptitiously peeks in through the open door. My original idea for this shot was to take it outside, since I imagine cheerleaders probably do a lot of practicing outdoors, on the field. I was going to put the killer peeking out from behind a thick tree. But it was still pretty cold at that time of year (though I shot this in March), and more importantly, I didn't think I could get away with walking around outdoors while naked, erect, and wearing a ski mask, in broad daylight. x_x But this alternate location worked out pretty well - the mirror is certainly a useful detail. After all, dancers of various kinds practice in front of mirrors all the time, right?

Getting the cheerleader uniform wasn't all that difficult in the end, but it involved a lot of deliberation, since I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. I (unfortunately) am not real close with the local cheerleading squad, and my Wardrobe Assistant informed me that she couldn't find any old, used uniforms anywhere. So I ended up breaking down and ordering a brand new uniform online, as cheap as I could find it, with just the basic parts I needed. Nevertheless, I was very excited about getting that uniform - it's so cute! It makes me want to try out for a cheer squad. I may have gone a little overboard in taking pictures of me in it, so I kind of feel like, by now, the whole 'cheerleader in front of a mirror' thing has been done to death, considering all the outtakes from this shoot I uploaded in the middle of March. But there are a few more alternate shots I'd like to show you.

I initially wanted to use a shot where my spankies were showing, for obvious reasons - like this one:

Or this one, where the view is implied rather than explicit:

But ultimately I decided that I couldn't pass up my 'sexy' modification of the uniform, which I achieved by rolling up my skirt till it hung above mid-thigh, rolling up my shell to expose a generous portion of my midriff, and removing my spankies. =3

Fun trivia: If you look closely in some of these shots, you can see that one of my lower hair ties has disappeared. It fell off while I was jumping around and I didn't even notice it until I saw it lying on the ground!

And speaking of fun, here are two silly videos I recorded of me jumping about in my cheerleader uniform:

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