Sunday, May 1, 2011

Planning A Slumber Party (Massacre) - Part 1: Invitation

Day 1 of the Slumber Party Massacre series starts late at night on Sunday - possibly even after midnight, into the early hours of Monday. The purpose of Invitation is to set up the story that is about to unfold. You see a suspiciously masked figure - identified as a sexual predator by his otherwise lack of clothing, and the fact that he is pleasuring himself while digging through somebody's trash. He seems to have happened upon a discarded invitation, which is described to the audience as an invitation to the girls' slumber party - the same girls that you saw having a slumber party months ago in this photograph. So you have the slumber party to look forward to at the end of the week, but you're also curious (and concerned) at how the masked man is going to become involved.

The idea for this shot came late in the series, when I decided that it would be nice to have an introduction before getting into the meat of the story. This shot is interesting in that the only character present is the masked man (who is to become the killer) - who turns out to be the only character who is present in every shot in the series. The basic idea for the shot came out of looking at the invitation you see here. It was actually a discarded Valentine's Day card that I bought specifically for the heart-shaped lollipops that came with it - which I used in my Lolita series. Rather than immediately throw out the card, I knew I'd be able to find a use for it. Then I thought, if these girls are having a slumber party, they might send out invitations. And the idea of having the killer find it in one of the girls' trash followed from that.

It was still February when I took this shot - and it's an outdoors shot - so it was pretty cold. The night I took it, I thought it was the perfect opportunity, because the temperature was mild during the day, and I just happened to have a buildup of trash which I knew would make the shot look better. So I went for it, but it was really windy that night, and the wind ended up making it bitter cold. So much so, that when I had got the camera set up and was ready to throw off the warm robe I was wearing and take the shot, I found it impossible to get myself hard - which is a trademark of the character, and an integral detail of the shot. I was dismayed, but I had everything set up, and I knew I had to pull through. So my makeshift solution was to run inside and pull up some porn on my computer (naked girls kissing). As soon as I was ready, I rushed outside and took a few quick shots before the cold defeated my enthusiasm.

I didn't have a lot of time to get the shot perfect, but under my constraints, I think the result is effective. I have only one other decent alternate shot, which you can see here:

Fun trivia: If you look closely at this picture, you can tell that my toes are still painted red in celebration of Valentine's Day.

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