Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Freedom & Independence

Freedom is the availability of choice. And independence is the confidence to stand out from the crowd. I see none of this in our country, with regards to men's swimwear. I just see a long line of conformist drones. There's no real choice, just a single product; but in 52 different colors and patterns to give you the illusion of choice. (Didn't George Carlin do a bit about this once?).

A Tale of Two Suits

When capitalism drives profit-minded companies to pander to their largest common demographic, in lieu of providing a diversity of products, then individual liberties are curtailed. I'd rather the economy be regulated - even if this limits the entrepreneurial potential to become rich - than our personal freedoms be limited. I'd rather live in a world where all people are free, than one in which a few get to be rich.

And because it's easy to look at these swim briefs and think, "god, those are skimpy" (which is actually the point), here is a comparison to what a lot of girls wear to go swimming. Like it or not - that's up to you. All I'm saying is, why should girls be allowed to dress this way, but not guys? I demand equality.

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