Monday, July 10, 2017

Getting Bare

I thought this picture created a pretty neat juxtaposition between the clothing and my naked flesh. I like to explore ways to enhance the impact of nudity because, in my perennially naked lifestyle, nudity really does become quite normal. It's only the contrast between what we so rarely see, and the (mostly) clothed bodies that surround us everyday, that makes an impact. I also like how this image really does feel kind of "nude", even though it's not strictly explicit. If I were a woman, it might be a little more risqué, but my genitals aren't even exposed. It also makes an excellent argument for the artists' insistence that the human body is far more visually interesting (not to mention enticing) than the clothing with which we so callously cover it up.

Here's an alternative to my Go Bare and Share Challenge pic. Apparently, stripping in front of a camera gets me hard. Sue me. :-p

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