Monday, February 8, 2016

Try This On For Size (Or Don't)

I found this intriguing dress the other day, which is actually completely see-through. I'm wearing it in the picture above. It comes from the Emperor's new clothing line. Lol! No, I'm just kidding. I did find a see-through dress, though - I'm wearing it in the picture below (for real this time). It comes with a flesh-colored slip to go underneath, which is pretty cool on its own, although of course I couldn't help trying it on with nothing underneath. I imagine a lot of women would be horrified to wear something that basically looks - at a glance - like they're naked or otherwise immodestly exposed. Obviously, that kind of thing just tickles me pink. The dress - without the modesty slip - would be perfect to wear to a formal occasion at a nudist resort. It has all the benefits of looking and feeling like you're dressed, while still being completely exposed!

The pinkish orange color of it is pretty, and blends well with the skin, but I would love to see clothes like this in other colors, too - especially green. I'm always on the lookout for the kinds of things a fantasy faerie might wear. That is, if she wears anything - like topless mermaids, naked faeries are underrepresented. In my view, one of the great things about faeries is their unselfconscious acceptance of nudity. So instead of those gaudy outfits you usually see them in (even if it is neat when they're fashioned after leaves and flowers and things), I've always preferred them to be garbed (if at all) in shimmery, glittery, translucent garments. More Oona from Legend (a movie that not only shaped my mental image of faeries, but features my favorite fantasy interpretation of the devil, in the form of Tim Curry as Lord Darkness), and less the elegantly dressed faeries of Amy Brown.

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