Friday, November 13, 2015

A Few Photos

Happy Friday the 13th!

Inspired by a photo I saw on deviantART. In the "non-nude" tradition of showing as much as absolutely possible, while not going "all the way". Also, I thought the shape of the Pringles can was humorously suggestive.

Conversations With A Nudist, Part 3 - The Conversion. Because you knew it was inevitable. Be sure and check out Part 1 and Part 2, as well.

Casual chat on the couch. Only after I took this shot did I realize it's a variation on a theme I've been enamored with going back at least to this shot from 2010, and even earlier. I learned a long time ago that nudity is more stark when contrasted with a dressed figure, and the same is true of erotic subjects. Masturbating alone in private is one thing, but the suggestion of a figure doing so in the presence of others (or, in this case, being so comfortable as to sit completely open-legged with a hard-on) is even more exciting - especially if the other figure treats it casually like it's no big deal, instead of pandering to the stereotype of exhibitionists shocking innocent prudes. Images like this one concoct a fantasy utopia where people aren't afraid of human sexuality, enabling the viewer to let his imagination run wild.

And here's a shot I've been sitting on from a couple months back, that I keep coming back to. I really like it. It's one of those shots where you look at it and you have to admit that even with the blatant eroticism suggested by the erection, it's a beautiful and artistic portrait. How could anyone be offended by this? It's not vulgar. It's not disgusting. It's a compelling affirmation of life.


  1. Thanks for the new post. I just had oral surgery on Friday and I've been recuperating, so seeing your new post brightened my day.

    I like pic 1. Lovely body and pose, and yes I like the vertical, rod-like nature of the can. No wonder I've always liked Pringles, lol!

    I also like pic 3. Such a nice situation. I love to be the clothed person, sitting next to you as you casually play with your hard cock. That would be so enjoyable. I'd also like to be the nude one, playing with my hard cock as you sat there chatting with me in a nice pleasant way.


  2. I'm always happy to hear that my photography can brighten people's days. :-)