Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brazil to sue Facebook for censoring nudity

This story here is interesting. It's a rare inversion of the usual concern websites have about censoring nudity in order to respect conservative cultures who are offended by it. This is a case where nudity (at least in this particular context) is part of the culture in question, and it's Facebook's conservative censorship that is what's offensive (which, if you ask me, should be the default case).

What these huge online corporations try to disguise as cultural sensitivity is really a conservative streak, and they should just be honest and own up to that. You're never going to be able to satisfy everyone. And conservative cultures are not the ones deserving of our respect. The developed world is supposed to be based on principles of freedom - freedom of choice, freedom of expression. We need to stop catering to the sensibilities of our less evolved neighbors.

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